July 29, 2021
Aakash Tablet PC Features

Aakash Tablet PC Features


Aakash Tablet PC Features  :

Akash tablet PC is a innovative by our Indian Govt that is made available to Aakash Tablet PC Featuresevery higher education student in India those who could not afford their personal gadget so called laptop or any other Tablet PC’s.  Aakash Tablet PC is first in a sequence of Android-based tablets computers produced British company DataWind. DataWind Ltd. is a leading developer of wireless web access products and services. The globe’s biggest national level stores and most famous Mobile suppliers provide Datawind items.

Aakash tablet PC is manufactured by the India-based organization Quad, at a new production center in Hyderabad. The Aakash tablet was formally released in New Delhi on 5 Oct 2011. The Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development announced an upgraded second-generation model called Aakash 2 in April 2012.

Since the launch of Aakash Tablet on one side it has been recognized a lot for its cost effective, anyone and everyone can buy it regardless of quality, is an excellent item for the beginners who have always wanted to own a Tablet pc. The government of India gave the responsibility to institutions to give applications to students those who are interested to buy this Aakash PC.

The Aakash Tablet is a low-cost tablet computer with a 7-inch touch screen, runs on Android operating system OS, v2.2 (Froyo) with CPU of 366 MHz processor. Web, Email, Facebook, Twitter and many more are the features of Aakash tablet. You can also buy components like Exterior aerial, Key pad case and Car charger. You can also play Games and watch HD Quality Video on. The following are the best features of Aakash Tablet PC :


Aakash Tablet includes an ARM 11 processor with the clocking frequency of 366 Mhz. When in contrast to other identical gadgets Aakash product lags way behind, but low resolution videos can run well on this tablet pc. For high quality gaming it requires specifications to run.


The potential of power supply battery of Aakash tablet is 2100 Mah which is little less considering the monitor size that would hardly display a play-back time of 2 hours.

Connectivity and Network:

The Aakash tablet provides you regular connectivity with incorporated Wi-Fi 802.11. One of the effective feature that has been presented into this product is USB connectivity which can both be used to exchange information to and from it and also to link it online.


Aakash tablet comes with a 7 inches wide resistive display. Although capacitive screen provides much better user experience and multi-touch function.

Memory specifications:

Aakash tablet PC makes you to run primary projects with predicted as RAM with 256 mb.  It comes with a secondary memory of 2 GB which can be expanded upto 32 Gb using micro SD card.

Operating System:

Aakash Tablet PC operates on Android operating system version 2.2 also known as froyo. But you will not be able to download apps and other stuff from android’s own store.

In the recent news it is revealed that the price of Aakash tablet will soon come down to $35 (about Rs. 1,900 approximately) from $49 at present.