April 21, 2021
Beauty tips for Rainy Season

Beauty tips for Rainy Season

Beauty tips for Rainy Season

The biggest skin problem during the rainy season is fungal infections. As fungus is born in humid weather, it easily grows and enters the skin throw wet pores. As a result, one develops itchy, circular, reddish, flaking patches on the body,

Rainy season is the time when you are going to face problems like limpness, greasiness and hair fall. The excessive amount of moisture in rainy season makes the hair dull flat and tangled. Therefore this is the most crucial time for you to have a thorough hair care regimen for the gentle and effective care of your hair.

Pollution of drinking water during rainy season is very common. It is very necessary to drink clean and pure water when water borne monsoon diseases like diarrhea and gastro intestinal infections threaten us. Drinking boiled water at home is strongly recommended to tap water. Prefer mineral water of government certified companies when you are away from home.
Tips to take care of beauty during rainy season:

1. Use a skin brightening toner each time you wash your face to close the pores and restore your skin’s pH balance during rainy season.

2. Cleanse your skin daily using a soap free cleanser in rainy season. Also make use of a gentle scrub once a day to get rid of dead cells. Cleansing should be followed by toning using an alcohol free toner, since increased humidity could open up your pores.

3. Just because it is raining, don’t reduce consumption of water. Drink your usual 8-10 glasses of water.

4. Skin becomes dehydrated during rainy season which is why you must moisturize it regularly.

5. Sleep enough time at night and avoid sleep at day time.

6. Always carry something what can protect yourself from the downpour and acidity of this rain. Raincoat or an umbrella is perfect during rainy season.

7. During rainy season women with oily skin can must use astringent while women with dry to normal skin can use toner after the ice to cool and refresh the skin.

8. Avoid foundation and prepare the base of your makeup using powder slightly in rainy season.

9. Keep your hairstyles simple and easy in rainy season. Elaborate hairstyles are more difficult to manage and redo and limp damp hair do not look good with them. You may use bangs and layered hairstyles instead.

10. If you must you blush, keep it light and blend it well in rainy season. Cream blush in shades of pink, peach and brown can be used.

11. Avoid using eyebrow pencil during rainy season. Keep your eyebrows up to the mark by trimming, threading, plucking and waxing them. Remember that eyeliners runs, eye shadow bleeds and kajal smudges badly during monsoons if you get wet, so stick to kohl pencil and powder based eye shadows to get perfect monsoon makeup.

12. Stay away from creamy and glossy lipsticks in rainy season. Instead go for long lasting and transfer- resistant lipsticks for your monsoon makeup. You can try out transparent lip- gloss during monsoons to get a natural look this season.

13. Avoid wearing makeup near hairline in rainy season because if hair turns wet in rains, they can ruin your makeup entirely.