July 23, 2021

Benefits of Learning Java

Benefits of Learning Java

Java Online TrainingIn this computer world, currently we have so many platforms, in that the Java Platform is on a wide variety of operating systems and hardware platforms. Developers can develop applications on one platform to deliver to that same platform. The Java Platform is designed for running highly interactive, dynamic, and secure applets and applications on networked computer systems.

Java being interactive, dynamic and architecture-neutral, the Java Platform has benefits not only for the developer and support personnel, but also for the end user. With its Java Virtual Machine and API, the Java Platform provides an ideal solution.

For the end users, the platform provides live, interactive content on the World Wide Web, with just-in-time software access. Applications are readily available on all operating systems at once. Users do not have to choose operating systems based on the applications, they can run the applications on their favorite machines.

The following are the benefits of learning Java:

1.Java is the single most platform where you get access to the vast array of great open source libraries that exist for Java.

2. The Java Virtual Machine is excellent for running robust, high performance, portable applications. Given the huge amount of fantastic engineering in the JVM (JIT compilation, garbage collection etc.) it’s probably the best application platform out there for general purpose, cross-platform applications.

3. Java code is very maintainable because it has relatively simple syntax and encourages a fairly standardised way of doing things. Some people find this restrictive, but it works and tends to lead to maintainable code that other Java developers can easily understand.

4. Another advantage of learning JAVA is that, ones the program is written in java we can run it anywhere means that application developed through Java is platform independent.

5. Learning JAVA programming enables secure and high performance software development on multiple platforms.

6. Since Java is an elegant language combined with a powerful and well-designed set of APIs the programmers enjoy programming in Java and are usually amazed at how quickly they can get results with it.

7. Java has the set of well-designed, intuitive and multiple tasking APIs which help the Java programmers to do better coding.

8. Automatic garbage collection is possible in Java applications.

9. Complex dynamic web applications are possible in Java programming.

10. Java is a highly secured, robust and portable programming language in nature.

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