June 16, 2021
Best attractions to travel in Las Vegas

Best attractions to travel in Las Vegas


Best attractions to travel in Las Vegas :

The real global city of Las Vegas  in US is a perfect travel place for tourists have ever-expanding options to make a visit that offer diversity of experiences to stay, eat and play and to have great nightlife in the glitters of Las Vegas. Resorts of Las Vegas are great place of attractions that offer number of natural and man-made attractions. Las Vegas is a city of extremes that has most significant hotels that offer most extravagant meals. Las Vegas also has many other attractions and activities to offer tourists.

Boulder City :

In the eastern side of Las Vegas Strip, Boulder City is just 30 miles on the way to Lake Mead. Boulder City’s historic old town district is home to many quaint shops, several of which feature works by Native American jewelers.

Boneyard :

The Boneyard in Las Vegas, is a unique tourist attraction. Recently a vintage neon sign from the old Hacienda hotel in Vegas was been a part of the collection of the new Neon Museum. For years, the Boneyard has been visited by aficionados of the glittering lights that helped put the Vegas Strip and Downtown in the tourist galaxy.


Towards the northern side of Las Vegas, Rhyolite is discovered as well-preserved ghost town about 120 miles near the small community of Beatty, Nev., that typically overheads on its own as the “Gateway to Death Valley.” The highlights of this area are ruins of the Potter General Store, Newton’s Grille, a school, several major banks, a house made entirely out of bottles and a railroad depot.

Lake Mead National Recreational Area :

About 25 miles away from Las Vegas there is a Lake Mead National Recreational Area which offers many outdoor fantasies throughout every season, like swimming, water skiing, camping, boating, fishing, tours and cruises. A popular activity is renting a house boat and floating around for a few days. The park offers nine separate wilderness areas for camping and several launch points for kayakers looking to explore the area’s myriad caves and natural wonders.

Valley of Fire State Park

In the northwest of Las Vegas Valley of Fire State Park comprises of incredible scenic landscapes, hidden canyons and unique red rock formations. Petroglyph’s and remains of ancient Native American civilizations are seen here. The park is open to the public year-round and tours are available.

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is considered as amongst the most significant feats relating to human ingenuity and engineering which was constructed years ago in 1930s and continues to breathe life into the southwestern desert that provides drinking water for millions of Americans. Over one million people walk or drive across this monumental structure every year. A number of expedition companies offer tours of the Hoover Dam by car and motor coach, on foot, by boat and even in helicopters.

Sin City:

Sin City owns a gaming reputation that has become a popular destination even for non-gamblers too especially for families. This city offers shows, shopping and other attractions such as slot machines and poker tables. Most of the people who visit Las Vegas will never  return without spending time on the casino floor. Circus Circus, located on the north end of the Strip, is the ideal casino resort for those traveling with young children. The property’s Adventuredome is the premier attraction, with an indoor amusement park featuring five acres of rides.

The best time for visiting Las Vegasis to go during Spring and fall seasons, when the temperature highs range between 70 and 80 degrees, while the summers gets unbearably hot in Vegas. Las Vegas’s McCarran International Airport has direct flights from more than 100 cities across the country.