April 19, 2021
Bittergourd Benefits For Health bitter gourd

Bittergourd Benefits For Health

Bittergourd Benefits For Health

Bitter gourd is the one of the vegetable, which is very beneficial for health. Bitter gourd as the name itself says, it is very bitter in taste.

Due to its bitter taste, most of the people doesn’t like it. But they must understand the health benefits of bitter gourd. Bitter gourd is also known as bitter melon or karela.

Bitter gourds vary in shapes and sizes. Though it has a sharp and acrid taste, it is used in many Asian dishes including Chinese, Japanese, and South Indian cuisines.

Bitter Gourd has many health benefits, which includes managing blood sugar and treating diabetes, Boosing body immunity, gives relief from hemorrhoids, makes your vision sharp, relieves asthma, enhance skin and treat skin conditions, reduce the risk of cancer and helps treat HIV and herpes.

If also helps in reducing cholesterol levels, promoting bone health and promoting weight loss and good digestion.