April 21, 2021
Brain Damaging Habits brain

Brain Damaging Habits

Brain Damaging Habits

Brain is responsible for all the functions of our body. The activities like regulating hormones, breathing, circadian rhythm, muscle control, heart beating, coordination, critical thinking, emotions and more.

Brain is the most energy demanding organ in your body, which eats up about 20% of your body’s total calorie intake.

Brain stores all the information on experiences since you were born. The brain is one vital organ and we have to take care of it’s performance. Here are some brain damaging habits to avoid.

skipping Breakfast
Skipping breakfast keeps your body stressful due fasting for longer. It will slow your metabolism and even the makes the brain to shut down some fucntions.

Over Eating
Over eating is also one of the brain damaging habit which makes you obese. Overeating lacks the nitrition and the poor nutrition will not optimize brain performance. And also obesity is linked with low brain volume and dementia.

Regular Sleep deprivation speeds the brain cells death. When we sleep your brain will be active and storing all the memories. By less sleep, your memory suffers and cause neurodegenerative diseases.

Air Pollution
The polluted air contain harmful particles, which travel through bloodstream to brain and cause brain shrinkage, congnitive impairment, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Communicating, expressing feelings and emotions activate brain. Lack of social interaction causes anxiety and depression. So communicate with others and express yourself.

Smoking is a dangerous habit that causes many diseases. Smoking is a brain damaging habit that also causes multiple brain shrinkage, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Excessive Sugar
Consuming excessive sugar will disrupt body’s ability to absorb protiens and nutrients causing malnutrition. It is bad for central nervous system, brain development and may cause Alzheimer’s disease.

Working in Illness
When you are sick or ill you have to take rest. Sudying or working when sick may decrease the effectiveness of brain and damage the brain.