June 12, 2021
Career in Android Development

Career in Android Development

Career in Android Development

Android is going to be bigger in terms of consumer reach than its rival, the iPhone OS. Android is completely made for mass market, used in many other applications and so the job opportunities increased in both Android Mobile applications development and Hardware solutions like preparing Android customization, optimization, prepare BSP, Device drivers, Porting into many Architecture etc. The Mobile applications platform already provides huge job.

There are great Job Opportunities in Android platform in the current IT field. The new popular Android Mobile platform is now used by many mobile manufactures. Though initially, the target for Android was the mobile-phone arena, including smart phones and lower-cost flip-phone devices, however, Android’s full range of computing services and rich functional support have the potential to extend beyond the mobile-phone market.

Android development can be useful for other platforms and applications since it is a free, open source, mobile platform operating system that was introduced, with the help of Google. The demand for new Android apps and development support is constantly growing as more companies require the technology to leverage and Android applications offer their products and services with it.

The Android development platform is the product of the Open Handset Alliance, that was built by the collaboration of a group of organizations such as Google, mobile operators, device handset manufacturers, component manufacturers, software solution and platform providers, and marketing companies for a better mobile phone.

From a software development point of view, Android sits hit in the middle of the open source world. The Android brand is showing no signs of slowing down as more Android smart phones are being activated every day.

Android applications are written using the Java programming language and they run within a virtual machine (VM) so developers in this market need to be thoroughly versed in the language. Android runs atop a Linux kernel. Google’s support will make everything possible in this Internet era, so Android development is a young and yet-unproven platform, has the potential to play at both ends of the mobile-phone spectrum and perhaps even bridge the gulf between work and play.

Android development includes an embeddable browser built upon WebKit, the same open source browser engine powering the iPhone’s Mobile Safari browser. The easiest way to start developing Android applications is to download the Android SDK and the Eclipse IDE (see Resources). Android development can take place on Microsoft® Windows®, Mac OS X, or Linux.

Android development boosts a healthy array of connectivity options, including WiFi, Bluetooth, and wireless data over a cellular connection. A popular technique in Android applications is to link to Google Maps to display an address directly within an application. Support for location-based services (such as GPS) and accelerometers is also available in the Android software stack,

Android development addresses the graphics challenge with built-in support for 2-D and 3-D graphics, including the OpenGL library. The data-storage burden is eased because the Android platform includes the popular open source SQLite database. An Android application may be launched to process a element of data or respond to an event, such as the receipt of a text message.

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