July 23, 2021
Common Sings and Symptoms of Cancer cancer

Common Sings and Symptoms of Cancer

Common Sings and Symptoms of Cancer

Cancer is the second leading cause of death after heart attack. Cancer can be cured if detected in the early stage.

Some cancer may not show any signs and symptoms. Here are some symptoms of cancer which can help in early detection
and treatment

Fever is the most common symptom in cancer. Cancer and its treatment affects the immune system to fight against

Pain is the early symptom of cancer which doesnt go away even after treatment. Pain is caused due to the spread of
cancer from where it started.

Coughing up Blood
Persistant cough and blood in cough may the symptoms of lung, head and neck cancer. If the cough lasts for more than
one month the, see your doctor.

Blood in Stools 
Hemorrhoids may be the cause of blood in stools, but some times it may be the sign of cancer. If you have
thissymptom consult a doctor and examine your entire intestinal tract.

Change in Bowel Habit
Diet is one of the cause of change in bowel movement. If you see pencil-thin stools, diarrhea, feel to have a bowel
movement even after had bowel movement, then it may be the sign of cancer.

Weight Loss
Unexplained weight loss about 5kg/10lbs over a couple of months is the first sign of cancer. This may be the symptom
of stomach, pancreas, esophagus or lung cancer.

Lump in the body, especially in breast, testicle, lymph nodes and the soft tissues of the body may be sign of
cancer. A lump or thickening may be an early or late sign of cancer.

If you regularly experience any of the following symptoms, then consult your doctor and have your symptoms checked