August 3, 2021
Constipation in Babies constipation

Constipation in Babies

Constipation in Babies

Lets see the foods that cause constipation in your babies.

Constipation is a common problem where people find it difficult to have bowel movements. Babies rarely suffer from
constipation, but once the babies start solid foods, constipation can become a real issue.

New mothers are unaware of foods that cause constipation in babies or infants. We can reduce their suffering to
some extent by providing them with the right kind of food.

Some foods may be nutritious, but may constipates your child. Therefore, it is importanat to keep a check on these
items. Here are the list of foods that cause constipation in babies.

Unripe Bananas
We know that ripe bananas relieve constipation, but the unripe bananas may cause constipation in your babies. The
unripe bananas contain high starch contents, which babies can’t digest.

Rice Cereal
Rice cereal is the first solid food introduced to the babies, but it may cause constipation in babies. Rice cereal
is difficult to eliminate and cause pain and discomfort as it has a binding effect due to its low fiber content.

Cow’s Milk
Cow’s milk is more harmful to your babies, as the protein in it causes chronic constipation. If you notice
constipation avoid the dairy products like milk, yougurt, cheese ant others as they have a binding effect on

Cooked carrots
Carrots are fiber rich foods and healthy, but when cooked or boiled the fiber contents reduces. If your give your
babies the boiled or cooked carrots, they are unable to digest and suffer with constipation.

Potatoes have high complex carbohydrates like starch, which may break down partially or may not at all during
digestion. And thus causes constipation. so avoid giving potatoes to your babies.

Apple Sauce
Apple sauce is nutritious but they contain pection. Too much of apple sauce causes constipation, as the pectin
which harden the stools of your baby.

White Bread
White bread may cause constipation in babies. White bread contains very low in fiber and the low fiber foods are
the main cause for constipation. So avoid white bread to your babies.

Formula Food
Almost all the babies are generally provided with formula foods, but these formula food can cause constipation in
babies. Some ingredients present in formula feed can be difficult to digest for your baby and harden your baby’s