May 16, 2021

Database Administrator Career Path

Database Administrator Career Path

Oracles DBA Online TrainingA career in technology has a number of benefits, including a higher average starting salary range. Whether you are pursuing your first degree in the technical field or transitioning from another career, the database administrator salary scale provides an increase over most other career fields. In order to earn a salary towards the higher end of the pay scale, it is necessary to earn certain certifications which will allow you to be competitive for a wider range of DBA jobs.

Database administrators often promote to a senior database administrator and then into a strategic management role within the company, such as a MIS Manager and eventually even on to a Chief Technology Officer role. Some DBAs specialize in a certain area, such as database security, and become experts in that particular area.

Those who successfully complete a database administrator degree program create the systems that store and process information, and they strive to make this process run as efficiently as possible.

Demand for database administrators is expected to increase as organizations need to store, organize, and analyze increasing amounts of data. In addition, as more databases are connected to the Internet, and as data security becomes increasingly important, a growing number of these workers will be needed to protect databases from attack.

Growth for database administrators will also be rapid in healthcare, as these organizations look to increase their efficiency and improve patient care through the use of information systems and other technology.

Companies hire database administrators to help more effectively manage information. The administrators help manage databases, including performing backups, security checks and upgrades to keep data both safe and accessible. With the growing importance of data in corporate decision making, ensuring the up time of a database is among the essential components of modern corporate organization. Each company utilizes a unique set of databases from a number of vendor providers, led by main provides Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft.

To make career in database administration, make sure to both develop a core competency in computer science and database technology, as well as gaining work experience during your training.

Thus Database administrators seeking the highest possible salary range should actively work to gain and improve their certifications. The Associate certification will allow you to work in most professional organizations, although to earn promotions to higher roles.

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