July 29, 2021

Database Testing Interview Question and Answers

Database Testing Interview Question and Answers

Testing Tools Online Training1. What is database testing? and what we test in database testing ?

ANS: Database testing involves some in depth knowledge of the given application and requires more defined plan of approach to test the data. Key issues include:

1) Data Integrity

2) Data Validity

3) Data Manipulation and updates

Tester must be aware of the database design concepts and implementation rules.

2. What are the different stages involved in Database Testing ?

ANS: verify the data in the database w.r.t frontend transactions

Verify the constraint (primary key,forien key ….)

Verify the performance of the procedures

Verify the triggers (execution of triggers)

Verify the transactions (begin,commit,rollback)

3. How to Test database in Manually? Explain with an example.

ANS: Observing the opertaions, which are operated on front-end is effected on back-end or not.<br>The approach is as follows :<br>While adding a record thr’ front-end check back-end that addition of record is effected or not. So same for delete, update … Ex:Enter employee record in database thr’ front-end and check if the record is added or not to the back-end(manually). <br>

4. What we normally check for in the Database Testing?

ANS: In DataBase testing we need to check for,

1. The field size validation
2. Check constraints.
3. Indexes are done or not (for performance related issues)
4. Stored procedures
5. The field size defined in the application is matching with that in the db.

5. What are the Commands used by Database Tester?

ANS: The most common command is SELECT, selecting the record based on various conditions using JOIN statements. Also DECODE an CASE statements are used.

Insert and update commands are also used followed by commit command.

6. What is way of writing test cases for database testing?

ANS: To write test case for database its just like functional testing.
1. Objective: Write the objective that you would like to test. eg: To check the shipment that i load thru xml is getting inserted for particular customer.

2. Write the method of input or action that you do. eg:Load an xml with all data which can be added to a customer.

3. Expected: Input should be view in database. eg: The shipment should be loaded successfully for that customer, also it should be seen in application.
4. You can write such type of test cases for any functionality like update, delete etc.

7. How to test data loading in Data base testing?

ANS: You have to do the following things while you are involving in Data Load testing.

1. You have know about source data (table(s), columns, datatypes and Contraints)

2. You have to know about Target data (table(s), columns, datatypes and Contraints)

3. You have to check the compatibility of Source and Target.

4. You have to Open corresponding DTS package in SQL Enterprise Manager and run the DTS package (If you are using SQL Server).

5. Then you should compare the column’s data of Source and Target.

6. You have to check the number to rows of Source and Target.

7. Then you have to update the data in Source and see the change is reflecting in Target or not.

8. You have to check about junk character and NULLs.

8. How the data base testing is been performed in industry?

ANS: The following things need to do in database testing

* Check the Field Name
* Check the Field length
* Index
* Keys (unique, primary and foreign as per your requirement)
* Check and make sure that all data are placed in back end as you insert
* make sure the required calculation is done
* check the SP and Trigger
*calculate the query execution time

9. How to check a trigger is fired or not,while doing Database testing?

ANS: It can be verified by querying the common audit log where we can able to see the triggers fired.

10. What is way of writing testcases for database testing?

ANS: For writing test cases in Database first one should define the project name, then module, Bug number, objective, steps/action undertaken, expected result, actual result, then status, priority and severity.

11. What is data driven test?

ANS: Re-execution of our test with different input values is called Re-testing. In validate our Project calculations, test engineer follows retesting manner through automation tool. Re-iterating is also called Data Driven Test.

12. How many types of Driven tests are there?

ANS: There are 4 types of datadriven tests.

1) Dynamic Input submission.

2) Data Driven Files through FLAT FILES

3) Data Driven Tests from FRONTEND GREAVES

4) Data Driven Tests from EXCEL SHEET

13. What SQL statements have you used in Database Testing?

ANS: DDL( Data Definition Language) and DML(Data Manipulation Language) .DDL for creating tables and database. DML for the manipulations like insert, alter, and delete operations.

14. How to Test Database Procedures and Triggers?

ANS: Before testing Data Base Procedures and Triggers, Tester should know that what is the Input and out put of the procedures/Triggers, Then execute Procedures and Triggers, if you get answer that Test Case will be pass other wise fail.

These requirements should get from DEVELOPER.

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