July 23, 2021
Database Testing interview question with Answers

Database Testing interview question with Answers

Database Testing interview question with Answers

Testing Tools Online Training1. What is Database testing?

ANS: Database testing is all about testing joins, views, in ports and exports , testing the procedures, checking locks, indexing etc. Its not about testing the data in the database. Usually database testing is performed by DBA.

2. What are the features of Database testing ?

ANS: Database testing features include the following.

1) Data validity testing.
2) Data Integrity testing
3) Performance related to data base.
4) Testing of Procedure, triggers and functions.

3. How to Test Database Procedures and Triggers?

ANS: Before testing Data Base Procedures and Triggers, Tester should know that what is the Input and out put of the procedures/Triggers. Then execute  Procedures and  Triggers, if you get answer that  Test Case will be  pass  other wise fail. These requirements should get from DEVELOPER.

4. What are the different stages involved in Database Testing?

ANS: verify field level data in the database with respect to frontend transactions
Verify the constraint (primary key, forien key ….)
Verify the performance of the procedures
Verify the triggrs (execution of triggers)
Verify the transactions (begin, commit, rollback)

5. How to test data loading in Data base testing ?

ANS: You have to do the following things while you are involving in Data Load testing.

1. You have know about source data (table(s), columns, data types and Contraints)

2. You have to know about Target data (table(s), columns, data types and Contraints)

3. You have to check the compatibility of Source and Target.

4. You have to open corresponding DTS package in SQL Enterprise Manager and run the DTS package (If you are using SQL Server).

5. Then you should compare the column’s data of Source and Target.

6. You have to check the number to rows of Source and Target.

7. Then you have to update the data in Source and see the change is reflecting in Target or not.

8. You have to check about junk character and NULLs.

6. What we normally check for in the Database Testing?

ANS: Database testing involves some indepth knowledge of the given application and requires more defined plan of approach to test the data. Key issues include:
1) data Integrity
2) data validity
3) data manipulation and updates.

Tester must be aware of the database design concepts and implementation rules

7. What is way of writing testcases for database testing?

ANS: You have to do the following for writing the database testcases.

1. First of all you have to understand the functional requirement of the application throughly.

2. Then you have to find out the back end tables used, joined used between the tables, cursors used (if any), tiggers used(if any), stored procedures used (if any), input parmeter used and output parameters used for developing that requirement.

3. After knowing all these things you have to write the testcase with different input values for checking all the paths of SP.

One thing writing testcases for backend testing not like functinal testing. You have to use white box testing techniques.

8. What is data driven test?

Ans: Data driven test is used to test the multi numbers of data in a data-table, using this we can easy to replace the parameters in the same time from deferent locations.
e.g: using .xsl sheets.

9. While doing database testing, how can we know about the firing of trigger?

ANS: In order to find about the firing of trigger, you need to query the log about an audit in which everyone is able to see the firing of trigger.

10. How do you test whether a database in updated when information is entered in the front end?

ANS: To test whether a database in updated when information is entered in the front end or not, you need to have a look on the application interface. In case, application is showing view functionality for the recorded data, you need to verify the front end only. Second case is the application has only data entry from the front end, and you do not find any view on the back end. You should go to the database to run relevant SQL options.

11. What SQL statements have you used in Database Testing?

ANS: Select statement is used in database testing which includes returning of data rows from many tables to satisfy a given criteria.

12. Which skills are required in testing the data loading?

ANS: You should know about the art of making tables, incorporating columns and rows. You should have enough information about the data source, target data, and the compatibility between the two.

13. What are the requirements for writing test cases for database testing?

ANS: For writing the test case, you should know about all details of document and the requirement of project, check the testing methodology and then write test case document.

14. What is retesting & how it is different from data driven testing?

ANS: Re-execution of a test with different input values is called Re-testing. To validate the project calculations, the test engineer follows retesting method through an automation tool.

Retesting is also called Data Driven Testing.

15. What are the types of data driven tests?

ANS: There are four types of data driven tests.

1) Dynamic Input submission (key driven test)
2) Data Driven Files Through FLAT FILES ( .txt,.doc)
3) Data Driven Tests from FRONTEND GREAVES
4) Data Driven Tests from EXCEL SHEET

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