Dating Tips For Men

Dating Tips For Men

These tips are designed to get you to think about the whole meeting women process in a different way than you probably do now.

Be in the top shape you can be, dress in a stylish manner, make sure you are groomed well and take care of your smile. You can be the greatest guy in the world but your mismatched pants and socks combined with dirt under your nails will turn her off.

Dating Websites can be great. Make sure to put up 2 photos. One will be in business clothing and the other will be casual. Get a professional to do them. Do not write a book about yourself. Just say that you are looking for a self-reliant woman to laugh with over coffee.

Women want to have fun and laugh so they love a guy with a sense of humor. Think you cannot do it? Think again. You are not trying to go out on tour and hit the comedy club circuit. You just need to be able to look at the world in a more funny way than you are now. There are comedy classes, books, seminars, improvisation classes and much more ways for you to be funny.

Remember, dating is like sales , There is a lot of rejection in sales if you have never been in it before. You need to look at finding your dream girl as a process where you will probably hear the word no a lot before you can hear the word yes (of course, maybe you will find your dream girl out of the gate).

Do not overrate her looks, She looks like she comes off the cover of a famous magazine with long, curly hair and a perfect shape. You are either afraid to approach or you are willing to put up with anything to be with her.  Remember, you want a good woman so do not just give her a pass on bad behavior and do not be afraid to talk to her.

Never talk sex, Good women do not respond to this kind of talk when you are just meeting them. Stay away from talking about it or any other type of physical contact talk. Do not even tell her you want to kiss her. Why? Most every other guy talks about sex, physical contact, etc, and she is sick of it.

She is a Person. Just Talk to her. Say hi and introduce yourself with a smile. If she is physically attracted to you, she will help you talk to her. If she is not, then she will not help you. The greatest line in the world cannot overcome her not liking the way you look, so stop putting a head trip on yourself with lines. Just talk to her.

When you are meeting her, do not weakly offer your business card or stammer out that you might want to see her sometime. Do you think the guys in the romance novels she reads charge in on the white horse and then look away as they offer her their business card? Look in her eyes, smile and ask her for her number. She might reject you but at least you made a Strong play.

Do not put pressure on her, A lot of guys rush into rejection. They take a good woman that is physically attracted to them and ruin it by calling her too much, getting into her space too soon and letting her know that she is the one.  Women take a more slow and calculated approach to dating. Let her chase you

Light and funny, Remember my tip about humor? Women do not want heavy subjects from you. When they meet you and you are MR. Serious, you think you are making points by showing your intelligence. All she is thinking is “that dude is a Downer,  Keep it light. Keep it funny. No Heavy Subjects. You will get a lot further with women if you have a light and funny way about you.

Nightclubs are not great places to meet women,  I am not saying it is impossible to meet women here, but you are really at a disadvantage because of the loud music. You need to be able to talk to her and make her laugh. Pretty tough to do that when you have to scream to make yourself heard. If you are going to try to compete in a nightclub, learn how to dance and get good at it. If you are a good dancer then the interested women will find a way to talk to you.