July 23, 2021
Difference Between SEO Writers and Content Providers

Difference Between SEO Writers and Content Providers

Difference Between SEO Writers and Content Providers

Writing for the web is truly an art unto itself. Readers follow a different pattern of behavior when faced with a web page. Much of web writing is in sales and copy.  While there is sometimes the need for objective reporting, most of the writing you see online is geared towards motivating people to take action.

SEO writing is completely different than writing SEO content provider. SEO content material providers and SEO writers are in fact very distinct in apply when it happens to search engine optimization. But the difference isn’t so much what you call a person who writes SEO content, it’s in the services they provide.

SEO Writers

1. An SEO writer is a writer, just as any magazine reporter or literary author.

2. SEO writers write keyword-rich articles, press releases, blogs, case studies and static web pages for themselves or clients.

3. The good SEO writers have trained and gained valuable experience in writing based on keywords and what clients want visitors to see on the page.

4. They research keywords, write release with appropriate keyword density.

SEO Content Provider:

1. The job of a good SEO content provider is to make sure the content of your site is as search-engine-friendly as possible, while still engaging your visitors.

2. SEO content provides continuously supply fresh and relevant content to help keep SEO performance, visibility and ranking

3. They will be familiar with the competition’s SEO as well as marketing methods. Research SEO strategies of a client’s competition, and create content accordingly.

4. Take into account URLs and meta tags, writing them if necessary, to increase page performance.

5. Integrate different content types articles, press releases, blogs, websites to gain maximum SEO.

6. Content writers look at more than just keywords before they sit down and write, they research keywords, research similar releases (and keywords) created by competition, write release with appropriate keyword density, create links to other relevant content using correct linking techniques, create a title and description for the page, create an SEO-friendly URL, research other pages on client site that should link to release, suggest distribution sites for release.

7. SEO Content Providers has but one goal – to provide affordable, high quality SEO content for websites and blogs.

Atlast a good SEO writer may make for a decent SEO content provider, a decent SEO content provider will always make for a good SEO writer.

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