July 27, 2021
Early Pregnancy Signs And Symptoms Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Early Pregnancy Signs And Symptoms

Early Pregnancy Signs And Symptoms

Pregnancy is the most important and incredible journey in the women’s life. Every women wants to become pregnant and to give birth to a baby.

Your body show some of the first signs of pregnancy, you’re probably eager to confirm it. Not all the women experience the same symptoms when pregnant. The symptoms may vary in severity. And also not the same symptoms in the same way in subsequent pregnancies as with her first pregnancy.

Here are the some of the symptoms of early pregnancy

Missed Period

Missing a menstrual period is the earliest and most reliable indicator of pregnancy. Some women experience some mild cramping, some light bleeding or spotting a light period even while pregnant.

Implantation Bleeding

Some women experience mild bleeding or spotting after missed period. It may occur when the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine lining, anywhere from 6 to 12 days after fertilization. This may sometimes be mistaken as menstrual period, although it is lighter than a regular period.

Frequent Urination 

Frequent Urination is one of the early pregnancy symptom. You need to pee more often than usual, especially during the night.

Tender Breasts

Pregnant Women You may feel Tender, tingling, swollen breasts during pregnancy. They feel larger breasts and a tingling sensation, along with more visible veins and darkened nipples.

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is most common pregnancy symptoms. About 50% of women will have Vomiting and nausea. Some women will have this morning symptoms in first trimester and some will have in second trimester also.

Food Adversions

During early pregnancy women may feel change in their taste. Sometimes they may start craving for new foods and sometimes they may feel food adversions and smell sensitivity.


Tiredness is the most common symptom of pregnancy. This may due to the hormonal changes that are taking place in the body, which can not only makes you feel exhausted, but also result in mood swings.


Faintness and dizziness is the one of the early pregnancy symptom. As the blood vessels dilate and the blood pressure drops, you may feel lightheaded or dizzy. Low blood sugar may also be one of the cause.

So, these are the common early pregnancy symptoms almost every women face. There are many home remedies for self care during pregnancy. But follow them with expert’s advice.