April 22, 2021

Features of Mainframes

Features of Mainframes

Mainframes Online trainingMainframe computers play a central role in the daily operations of most of the world’s largest corporations. The mainframe owes much of its popularity and longevity to its inherent reliability and stability, many of today’s busiest Web sites store their production databases on a mainframe host.

Mainframe Reliability, availability, and serviceability:

The reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) is a central design feature of mainframe for all aspects of a computer system, including the applications that are important in data processing. Corporations use mainframes for applications that depend on scalability and reliability.

Mainframe greatest Processing Power:

The mainframe has greatest processing capacity and to support this there is large number of CPU’s with high processing power embedded within the frame.

Mainframe Security:

The mainframe computer has extensive capabilities to simultaneously share, but still protect, the firm’s data among multiple users. One of a firm’s most valuable resources is its data. Customer lists, accounting data, employee information, and so on. This critical data needs to be securely managed and controlled, and, simultaneously, made available to those users authorized to see it.

Mainframe Scalability:

The degree to which the IT organization can add capacity without disruption to normal business processes or without incurring excessive overhead is largely determined by the scalability of the particular computing platform. In business, positive results can often trigger a growth in IT infrastructure to cope with increased demand.

Mainframe Compatibility:

The ability of an application to work in the system or its ability to work with other devices or programs is called compatibility. Mainframe customers tend to have a very large financial investment in their applications and data. Some applications have been developed and refined over decades.

Increased Performance by Sharing workload:

Mainframes systems have the ability to share the workload among different processors and input and output devices. This makes its processing ability and power to be efficient and increases its performance.

Centralized Computing:

The mainframe system handles centralized computing by which all the operations takes place in the processor section of mainframe and the results are seen in the desktop monitor with the help of a utility or program running on the mainframe background.

Huge Memory Capacity:

the mainframe applications takes its presence in large scale operations and to support this facility the memory capacity embedded within mainframe is very huge.

Running in multiple OS:

Mainframes have the ability to run multiple operating systems and by this feature it is possible to function mainframe systems not as a single computer but as a number of virtual machines.

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