Features of SAS

Features of SAS

SAS Online TrainingSAS provides a powerful programming language with components called procedures that allow you to perform many different kinds of analysis and data management functions, as well as produce many different types of text-based and graphical presentation output. Combined with other features, the SAS language and its procedures make an immense variety of applications possible.

Some of the features of SAS are as follows:

1. Access raw data files and data in external databases and database management systems.

2. Manage data using tools for data entry, editing, retrieval, formatting, and conversion.

3. Analyze data using descriptive statistics, multivariate techniques, forecasting and modeling, and linear programming.

4. Present data using reports and business and statistical graphics.

5. Supports wide range of data formats.

6. Ability to read data in any format, from any kind of file, including variable-length records, binary files, free-formatted data and even files with messy or missing data.

7. SAS Macro Facility reduces coding for common tasks and lets you modularize work for easy reuse and maintenance.

8. SAS is portable across computing environments.

9. SAS applications function the same and produce the same results regardless of the operating environment on which you are running SAS to process your data.

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