April 21, 2021
Fish You Should Never Eat Fish

Fish You Should Never Eat

Fish You Should Never Eat

You all know that Fish is a healthy food. But there is another fact about Fish that some kind of fish may be
harmful to you. Some fish are the power-food and some are harmful which can cause inflammation and toxic nightmare
for your body.

Everything depends on the fish you choose. You have to eat rarely or avoid certain species of fish. Here the kinds
of fish you should not eat.

Tilefish has to be avoided entirely. It has some of the highest levels of mercury contamination, which increases
the risk of food poisioning. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends a maximum of one serving per
month for adults.

Bluefin and Blackfin Tuna
Different types of Tuna like yellowfin tuna, albacore, bigeye and light tuna contain moderate to high levels of
mercury. The blackfin and bluefin tuna has elevated levels of mercury and poorl in eco-friendliness.

King Mackerel
King Mackerel has to be avoided completely because it has higher amount of mercury. It is not cleared from but
accumulated in the human body, causing various diseases. Choose Atlantic mackerel and eat it as much as you like.

Tilapia fish has higher concentration of harmful fats. This fish is low in omega-3 and high in omega -6 fatty
acids is dangerous, which increases the cholesterol levels and makes your body more sensitive to allergies.

Chilean Sea Bass
Chilean sea bass or Patagonia toothfish contain high concentration of mercury and is problematic. This fish is
also overfished, so avoid chilean sea bass fish.

Eel has high fats and it also absorb and store the contaminants like endocrine disruptors, industrial and farm
waste in water. American species have these high intoxication and European species have high mercury.

Orange Roughy
Orange roughy has a life span of about 150 years but reaches maturity after 20 years. So it has to avoided because
of overfishing and damaging trawling. It also has high mercury

Shark has to be avoided as it contain higher levels of mercury which is build through bioaccumulation. Shark are
also overfished. You should avoid both as fish and as supplements.

Sword Fish
Sword fish contains an elevated levels of mercury. Sword fish has to be avoided completely by women and children
and men should take only once in a month.

Most of the pangasius were imported from Vietnam, from the Mekong River that is considered one of the most
contaminated water bodies in the world. Pangasius fillet also contains an elevated level of nitrofurazone and
polyphosphates (carcinogens).