June 12, 2021
Food To Eat During Fever Fever Diet

Food To Eat During Fever

Food To Eat During Fever

Fever is the most common at-least once in a lifetime. Fever can be caused for short period in case of cold, flu, influenza, typhoid, etc.

1. Lots of Fluids for Few Days

When you are suffering from fever, you have to take lots of fluids or liquids juices for few days. Orange juice enhances the natural immunity and increases body’s ability to fight with fever, as it is rich in vitamin C.

2. Fresh fruits in Fever

All fresh fruits are good during fever. Fruits are loaded with a variety of vitamins and are easy to digest. The vitamins in Fruits help hastening the recovery process. Fruits like oranges, apples, grapes, lemons pineapples are recommended.

3. Khichdi – Best diet during Fever

Khichdi is the best recommended Indian diet during fever. It is light, easy to digest, balanced meal and a comfort food during fever. Khichdi provides all the essential nutrients to the body and ghee aids digestion and boosts immunity. Team it up with lemon pickle.

4. Dalia Recommended during Fever

Broken wheat or Dalia is the Indian food recommended during fever. Vegetables and can be added for taste. Dalia can easily digest, and it also a healthy and nutritious diet to give during fever.

5. Soft Diet During Fever

The soft diet or soft foods are easy to digest, they supply loads of energy necessary for the recovery process. A soft diet like steamed vegetables, porridge, boiled eggs and yogurt are recommended during Fever.

6. Roti – Easily Digestible during Fever

Roti are easily digestible and recommended during fever. Avoid Ghee or Oil on roti, when suffering with fever. As Roti is made with whole grains, it is healthy and nutritious diet for those people who are suffering with fever.

7. Curd is Beneficial during Fever

Curd will provides you the beneficial bacteria, which helps the body to fight against infections and diseases. Curd also provide a soothing effect to a sore throat during fever. But avoid chilled.

8. Vegetable broth to Treat Fever

Vegetable broth is beneficial and best to treat fever. Ginger , Rice porridge and vegetable broth combined together is the best diet. Vegetable broth can digest easily, as the ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and helps in eliminating fever in the initial stage.

9. Chicken soup recommended during Fever

Chicken soup is recommended during fever. It provides proteins, nutrients and warmth to the body. Chicken soup also helps to reduce fever, congestion, flu symptoms, and high body temperatures.

10. Pro-biotic foods used as Antibiotics

Pro biotic foods are used as antibiotic in children. A research found that pro biotic foods can effectively heal fever and cough. The foods like yogurt, fermented cabbage, fermented soya products, sauerkraut and buttermilk are rich in pro biotic.

11. Herbal Tea During Fever

Herbal tea is recommended during fever. Basil or Tulsi Tea rejuvenates your mood. The Tulsi chai or Basil Tea provides relief from cold, cough and a sore throat.

12. Raisins Fights with Fever

Raisins are recommended during fever. They contain Vitamin C which helps in fighting feverish condition. Raisins or Dry grapes also contain antioxidants that helps you to fight infections within the body.

13. Garlic gives Infection Fighting Strength

Garlic are recommended during fever as they contain antioxidants that boosts the infection fighting strength of your body. Garlic can be taken with solid or liquid food during fever. Consume garlic cloves with hot water twice in a day to reduce fever.

14. Eggs Increase Anti-bodies

Boiled eggs are nutritious and increases antibodies, produce white blood cells. The white blood cells fight against the infections in the body. Thus Eggs are beneficial during fever.