July 30, 2021
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Food to Eat in summer

Food To Eat In Summer

Food to Eat in summerAs summer brings longer days and shorter nights, allowing people to spend longer periods of time outdoors and we all like to eat good food, since certain foods enhance our health. When it is summer you know you’re going to have hot weather. You may have hot, muggy, humid weather that leaves you feeling like you are about to wilt! Having some cooling things about that can make you feel refreshed is important in summer.

In the heat of the summertime, the body often requires, so always provide yourself a balanced diet to maintain control of the needs of the body. Choose light, refreshing foods that require little cooking. Most of the foods that are harvested in the summer are cool in nature. By eating these summer foods, you are cooling your body and avoiding something called summer heat.

Tips for intake of food in summer:

1. Fruits, which are high water content, will help maintain your body fluid, which will be lost more rapidly through sweat, the body’s mechanism for cooling down in the heat.

2. Vegetables are obvious choices as they contain lots of fluid. Avoid boiling or steaming them for too long, as this depletes them of their water and nutrient content.

3. Carbohydrate-rich foods can help to combat heat exhaustion. Eating regular small, starchy carbohydrate snacks during the day, such as pitta bread, to keep your body’s blood-sugar and energy levels even.

4. Bananas are rich source of potassium, which helps to regulate body fluid lost through excessive sweating. Other potassium-rich foods are green vegetables, baked beans, dried fruit and cereal.

5. Beneficial beverages that are nutritionally balanced as well as being thirst-quenching and delicious to drink this summer. Try mixing all your favorite fruits or juices, ice, natural yogurt or skimmed milk in the blender for a healthy and refreshing drink.

6. Milk and milk products, along with high biological value protein intake also contain minerals, especially calcium, which is beneficial to compensate for electrolyte loss through sweat. Among dairy, probiotic yogurt is preferred.

7. Wheat, are high in zinc, which is essential for making collagen, a fibrous protein that is a primary skin component. Zinc also plays an important role in repairing burned skin.

8. Garlic contains sulfuric compounds that exhibit powerful antioxidant properties that protect many parts of the body including the cardiovascular system–from free radicals and related diseases.

9. Spinach and chard are also rich in vitamin A–as well as vitamin C–which provides antioxidant protection against sun damage, and B vitamins, which help prevent dry skin, rashes, itching and skin diseases.