April 22, 2021
Foods To Avoid In Summer Season summer foods to avoid

Foods To Avoid In Summer Season

Foods To Avoid In Summer Season

Due to hot summer, more heat is generated in the body, which makes you feel tired and irritated. It also effects on your sleep and concentration.

The food and drinks you consume will play a vital role to help you go through the heat wave. It is must to have the right foods to stay fit and healthy during hot summer. As you know drinking enough water is must in summer, in addition to that right diet is also very essential.

As some foods play havoc on the system at this time you have to avoid those foods. Here are the certain foods to be avoided during summer days to stay fit and healthy.

Avoid spices like chillies, ginger, pepper, cardamom, cloves and Cinnamon as they are body heating spices. They boost the rate of metabolic rate and body heat further and makes you feel dehydrated and sick.

Non-vegetarian Foods
During summer try to avoid red meat, eggs, prawns, squid, crab, tandooris, fish and chicken and seafood. These foods generate excessive heat, makes you sweat more and causes digestive problems and diarrhea.

Oily Foods
Avoid oily and junk foods as they are worse in summer. Foods such as deep fried items, curries, burgers, meat patties, etc., are unhealthy, not just in summers. They spike up body heat and lower your immunity, along with all the other problems they can cause.

Tea & Coffee
Avoid or limit tea and coffee in summer days as they tends to heat-up the body. The caffeine and other beverages with sugar can dehydrate the body, making your face flushed.

Dry Fruits
Avoid dry fruits and dried fruits such as dates, raisins, apricots, etc. They are healthy, but can increase the body temperature and heat. So minimize the intake of dry fruits during summer hot days.

Avoid Alcohol as it has the ability to immediately raise your body temperature, just with one or two drinks. It can also worsen the dehydration during summers and lower the immune system, making you vulnerable to many diseases.

So, these are the worst foods during summer. Avoid these foods in summer and stay healthy and fit.