July 23, 2021
Habits That Cause Lower Sperm Count sperms

Habits That Cause Lower Sperm Count

Habits That Cause Lower Sperm Count

Some of the daily habits and life style will decrease the sperm count and cause infertility. Avoid these things or habits to increase your sperm count male fertility.

Stress is one of main cause for low sperm count. Stress can take defensive actions and conserve energy of the body to become less concerned with reproduction and more focused on surviving.

Avoid tobacco or Smoking, as smoking decreases the sperm count ans sperm-cell motility. 20 differnt studies in 2016 revealed that the person who smoke found to have reduced sperm count.

Many number of studies explored that excessive intake of alcohol results in low sperm count and ultimately affect the male fertility. Limit your alcohol intake as it affects quality and quantity of sperms.

Prescription Medications
Avoid several prescription medications as some prescription medications can potentially decrease the healthy production of sperm. They can lead to decreased sperm count and even permanent infertility.

Caffeinated Beverages & Energy Drinks
Avoid excessive intake of coffee, tea or energy drinks, soda which lowers the sperm count and cause infertility. More intake of Sugar-sweetened drinks or beverages result in poor sperm motility.

Processed Meat
Some studies show that the men who consume more processed meat will have 23 perccent of less sperm count than who eat less processed meat. Processed meat has the hormonal residues and affect the reproductive system

Soy Products
Some foods like soy products, contain phytoestrogens compounds which reduce testosterone bonding and sperm production. The synthetic forms of estrogen is found in many canned and plastic products.

High Mercury Fish
The Mercury fish will affect both men and women. It will damage the omega-3 in the body and lowers the fertility. Avoid fish like king mackerel, swordfish, shark, tuna steak, and tilefish which have high mercury.

Full Fat Dairy Products
According to a 2013 study on Human Reproduction, excess consumption of cheese and full fat milk impact sperm count.Though Dairy products add protein and essential nutrients to our body, the full fat dairy products like cheese and full fat milk should be avoided.

Obesity is one of the cause for low sperm count & impotence, because of higher temperatures caused by excess fat near the testes. A French study shows that obese men were 42% more likely to have low sperm count than the non obese men.