July 23, 2021
Hair Care Tips during Monsoon

Hair Care Tips during Monsoon

Hair Care Tips during Monsoon

Hair Care Tips during MonsoonMonsoon brings lots of hair care problems like limpness, greasiness and hair fall. The heightened moisture in the air makes the texture of hair dull, flat and tangled. Certain scalp diseases become more prevalent in the monsoon, exposure to dirty rainwater and consequent warm, humid conditions encourage the growth of bacteria and fungi on the scalp.

Tips to protect your hair in rainy Season:

* Hair should be washed regularly. Use a mild shampoo, preferably shampoos with the right mix. Remember to wash your hair gently as hair drenched in rain often ends up in a tangled mess. After washing do not towel your hair vigorously as this will weaken your hair roots and cause split ends, instead opt for the gentle pat and dry routine whenever you have to dry your hair.

* After every wash, applying a conditioner is recommended.

* Drink plenty of water. Eat a balanced, protein-rich diet, along with plenty of fruit and vegetables.

* Frizzy hair is a common problem in monsoons, as excess humidity in the environment tends to make the hair dry and coarse. Therefore conditioning is very important in monsoon. A good conditioner smoothens out the hair, making it easily manageable. Extracts like Avocada oil and Burdock in conditioners will give the hair a silky smooth feel and also help prevent hairfall.

* Oiling your hair during monsoons requires moderation in terms of time, which in simple lay man’s terms means – do not leave oil on your hair for too long in rainy season! Oiling your hair an hour or two before you wash your hair is greatly beneficial, as it helps in conditioning your hair and prevents them from becoming frizzy and dry after a wash.

* Hair tends to get wet during monsoons and tying up the hair will only lead to the rain water being trapped in your hair. With a humid atmosphere, drying of the hair becomes a problem and a damp skin of the head is breeding ground for fungal infections, dandruff and lice on the scalp.

* While tying up your hair is not advised during monsoon, nor is leaving it open advisable. Leaving the hair open will expose it to the humidity making the hair either frizzy in case of curly or wavy hair, or limp in case of straight and silky hair. The best solution would be a loose bun or a loose ponytail as these do not trap much water and also protect your hair from direct exposure to the humidity.

* Don’t comb wet hair. Because your tresses is the weakest when it is wet.

* Hair coloring is not a very good option during the monsoons, try and stay at your natural best.