Health Benefits of Beetroots

Health Benefits of Beetroots

Health Benefits of Beetroots

1. Beetroots For Weight Loss

Beetroot are the one of the weight loss diet. They are rich in fiber and low in calories. Beetroot contain soluble fiber that helps to fight against fat. They cleanse the toxic and excess water from the body.

2. Beetroots Boosts Stamina

Beetroot are iron rich, which improves stamina. They help in boosting the energy levels. Scientific studies revealed that beetroot boost stamina and athletic performance. It is a nitrate food which can increase exercise endurance.

3. Beetroots for Inflammation

Beetroots and beetroot juice are antioxidants that anti-inflammatory and prevent chronic diseases. Beetroots contain a phytonutrient called betalian, which protects cells, proteins and enzymes and fights with inflammation.

4. Beetroots Prevent Constipation

Beetroot are the great way to prevent constipation. They are fiber rich which moves the waste material through the intestines. Beetroots contain high contents of soluble fiber and acts as a great laxative. It regularities the bowel movements.

5. Beetroots For Anaemia

Beetsroots are an excellent source of food to treat anemia. Beetroots and its juice helps in regeneration of red blood cells. Beetroots have excellent cleansing properties and are rich in iron. They help in supplying the transport of oxygen and increase blood count.

6. Beetroots For Diabetes

Beetroot juice contains beta lain and neo beta lain nutrients which helps in lowering glucose level, increase insulin and prevent oxidative stress. Beetroot is low in calories, fat free and a medium glycaemic vegetable, which maintains blood sugar levels while satisfying your sugar craving.

7. Beetroot Treat Respiratory Problems

Beetroot are rich in vitamin C and prevent respiratory problems. The Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which boosts immunity. Vitamin C in beetroots stimulate the activity of WBC, viral, bacterial, fungal, and protozoan toxins, which may lead to infections and illnesses.

8. Beetroots Reduce Blood Pressure

Beetroots reduce the blood pressure. One glass of beetroot juice helps to lower the blood pressure in few hours. Beetroots contains nitrates which are converted into nitric oxide and dilate the blood vessels, and improves the blood flow.

9. Beetroots Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Beetroots are rich in fiber and lowers the cholesterol level. They are rich in soluble fibers, flavanoids and betacyanin a powerful antioxidant. The betacyanin in beetroots helps in reducing oxidation of LDL cholesterol and doesn’t allow it to deposit on the walls of artery.

10. Beetroots Prevents Cancer

Beetroots are an excellent source to prevent cancer. They have powerful phytonutrients which fight against cancer. Beetroots contain beta-carotene and help in reducing multi-organ tumors, pancreatic, breast, lung cancer and prostate cancers.

11. Beetroots Treats Osteoporosis

Beetroot is contain a mineral known as silica, which helps your body to use calcium more effectively. Consuming a glass of beetroot juice every day treats osteoporosis and brittle bone diseases at bay.

12. Beetroot Protect From Cataracts

Beetroots are rich in lute in, an antioxidant which protects eyes from cataracts and other macular degeneration related to age. Beetroots contain beta-carotene, a form of vitamin A, which involves in many essential activities and prevents cataracts.

13. Beetroots Must In Pregnancy

Beetroots are high in folic acid which is essential for regular tissue growth during pregnancy. It boosts the moms energy levels. The Folic acid in beetroots helps in the proper formation of the spinal cord and protects the child from spina bifida.

14. Beetroot Improves Sexual Health

Beetroots are called as ‘natural Viagra’ as they boost the sexual health. It also contain boron, which produces the sex hormones. The nitrate present in beetroots release nitric oxide, widening the blood vessels and increasing the blood flow to the genitals.

15. Beetroots For Healthy Skin

Beetroots contain anti-oxidants, which reduce the free radicals in the body and early signs of aging. Beetroot juice cleanses the blood and provides healthier skin. It provides a fair and radiant look to your face and skin.