July 23, 2021
High Calorie Foods To Avoid high calorie

High Calorie Foods To Avoid

High Calorie Foods To Avoid

The Diet we take, the foods we eat have a major effect on our weight. Some foods are high in calories.

Calories you intake do count. If you are trying to Lose weight, then you have to burn more calories than you take in.

For shedding pounds, the primary mission is to identify the high-calorie foods that cause the scale to creep up. And avoid them in your diet as they cause weight gain.

Processed Meats
Processed meats are high in calories and high sodium levels. They are also high in heart-unhealthy saturated fats. Avoid bacon, sausage, salami and ham etc., as they may make you gain weight.

Sugary Drinks
Avoid sugary drinks or sugar sweetened beverages like soda. As the sugary drinks are unhealthy and cause weight gain. And they also contain lot of calories.

Potato Chips
The deep fried potatoes are the high calorie foods. According to studies, potato chips and french fries are linked with weight gain. They cause more weight gain than other foods.

White Bread
The white bread is made of refined flour or maida, which loses all its nutritional qualities during the processing. The refined grains like white bread and pasta are more likely to lead to fat accumulation than whole grains as they have more calories.

Ice Creams
Ice creams are very unhealthy and high in calories. They are also loaded with sugar and fats. Avoid ice creams which make you weight gain. You can have in small portions if tempted.

Refined Sugars
Avoid refined sugars or added sugar as they are high in calories. They increase the fat accumulation. Avoid breakfast cereals, granola or protein bars and packaged flavoured yogurt, as they could be full of added sugar.