July 23, 2021
How do Androids Work

How do Androids Work

How do Androids Work

Androids have largely been a fantasy creation of science fiction. An android is a machine which is built to resemble a human being in both appearance and function. What the androids are only capable of doing is dependent upon what the designers and builders have chosen as their focus in the development of android technology.

The androids being built today consist of internal computers, internal metal robotics, and cosmetic outer materials. The robotics imitate the shape and movement of the human body and skeletal structure while the computer is programmed to control the movements of the robotics, and also programmed with any artificial intelligence programs the android’s makers wished to include.

The outer materials of the android are designed to make it look as human as possible and will consist of natural and artificial elastic, rubber, or silicone for the construction of what appears to be muscle and skin. These materials need to look authentic, but also be flexible enough to move when the android does.

Currently, some developers are focusing on making more human-like limb movements while others are focused on intelligence, while still others are developing more human facial expression. Most of the engineering companies are choosing the Android OS when building their own apps because of the OS’s open architecture.

Androids are also more compatible with PCs. For example, connecting a phone to a computer via USB provides an instant external hard drive. Users can customize the phones by choosing Web browsers, media players, and wallpapers.

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