May 16, 2021
How Informatica works

How Informatica works

How Informatica works

Informatica uses its own database called “Metadata Repository Database”, or simply a Repository. Repository stores the data (rules) needed for data extraction, transformation, loading, and management. You get a client application “Repository Manager” to work with the repository.

Different packages of Informatica:

Informatica PowerCenter license – has all options, including distributed metadata, ability to organize repositories into a data mart domain and share metadata across repositories.

Power Mart Power Mart – a limited license (all features except distributed metadata and multiple registered servers).

Once the server components are installed and configured, you install the client applications, configure ODBC, register the Informatica Server in the Server Manager. Create a Repository, create users and groups, edit users profiles. Add source and target definitions, set up mapping between the sources and targets, create a session for each mapping – and run sessions (resulting in writing data to targets).

Informatica primarily uses load manager and data transformation manager (dtm) to perform extracting, transformation and loading. Load manager reads parameters and variables related to session, mapping and server and passes the mapping parameters and variable information to the DTM.DTM uses this information to perform the data movement from source to target.

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