How to be confident in job interview

How to be confident in job interview

How to Be Confident in Job InterviewIt is very common to be nervous before the interview. Being anxious can raise your energy level and that’s a good thing. Confidence makes a positive first impression and helps you get hired. Job interviews can be really tricky. If it’s a job you really want then the nervousness can really add on to your misery and thrash your confidence level.

1. When you are meeting with the interviewer, you want to shake the person’s hand, not too hard. While you are shaking the hand, check out the eye color of the person you are connecting with. Eye contact is especially important to show confidence.

2. Don’t be shy about making pleasant small talk on the way to his or her office. Comment on the beautiful office space, the neighborhood, the company or the weather. Confident people strike up a friendly conversation and try to relax the interviewer.

3. Whether you are sitting or standing make sure that your posture portrays self-confidence. A confident person will stand or sit “tall” with their back straight. A confident person will have good posture. sitting tall and straight can actually help you to feel confident in much the same way as being well dressed can make you feel confident.

4. Come prepared with questions about the job. Bring your notes and don’t be afraid to use them. It makes you look well-prepared. If something of interest is mentioned about the job, pause and write it down. The act of writing out your answers to difficult questions, particularly if you have a “glitch” in your resume or background, is important to sounding prepared.

5. The importance of using a speaking style, and body language style, similar to that of the interviewer. When they are very nervous, speak way too rapidly, and this shows their nervousness. If you speak too rapidly, your nervousness will be very apparent to the interviewer, unless the interviewer is a person who normally speaks quite rapidly too.

6. In your imagination visualize yourself at the interview comfortable and at ease meeting people, feeling relaxed and confident. Pretend that you are observing yourself from the other side of the room.

7. Clothes also play a vital role. Make sure you wear something which amplifies professionalism and smartness. Well fitted clothes make you look good, which increases your confidence automatically. Moreover, they do not fail to impress the interviewer.

8. Always have a smile on your face while greeting the interviewer and don’t hesitate to show your whites, where ever needed. A smile can break the ice between you and the interviewer and can also make you seem like a confident, friendly and approachable person.

9. Look relaxed and composed. Make sure your arms swing by your side. If you are feeling overly nervous, take a few deep breaths and count till five, it will make you feel better. Listen to some music. Music has the ability to relax you and divert your mind from the interview tension. This way when you enter the room, you will look more confident and self assured.

10. Make sure your arms swing by your side. If you are feeling overly nervous, take a few deep breaths and count till five, it will make you feel better.

11. The best way to demonstrate your confidence is to ask good questions in a job interview. By doing so, you will demonstrate that you have been thinking deeply about the position and the organization, and how you will fit in. This displays enthusiasm for the job, and also shows them the planned and thoughtful manner in which you approach things.

Thus an interview is not a personal judgement on your character or ability. An interview is not the end of your world as you know it. Enjoy it, engage with it and bring who you are to the table.