May 16, 2021

How to build a Website that Works

How to build a Website that Works

Webdesigning training institute in HyderabadBefore your website is designed, it helps if you have a clear impression of how you want the end result to look like, how it will work, who your target audience is and what you want to share with them. A website is property too. It’s one that can make a fundamental difference to your organization, and so you should treat a web project just like any other business project.

A better way to approach the design of your website is to think about the business objectives that you want to achieve. This will determine the type of site that you end up with.

A successful web site should present a professional image of your business. Ideally it should also include some backend solutions that will allow you to update and maintain your site painlessly. The balance of these two elements will definitely put your web site in a top tier category. The best strategy is to do keyword research to find out what phrases your customers are searching for, then optimize pages on your website so that search engines rank them highly for those keywords.

Websites have four basic parts:

Domain name: Every website has a unique domain name,

URL: Every page in a website has its own location called a URL. URLs start with the domain name, and if the URL goes to a page that’s not the homepage,

Web host: All the parts of a website (code, text, logos, pictures) have to be stored on a server that’s constantly connected to the internet, so that people can find your website at any time. Website is made up of multiple files, these files need to be stored somewhere so that anyone on the internet can access them. This is where Website Hosting comes in, Website Hosting is basically a computer that is always on that holds all the files for a website and is connected to the Internet.

Web hosts sell storage space on their servers. When you pay a web host, you’re paying for the space and also for staff members who keep an eye on the servers and fix them if there is a problem.

I.P. address: The glue that sticks each domain name to the right host. Every web host server has a specific address.

Thus a websites work by storing all their files on a web host, linking that web host to their own domain name by using an I.P. address, and keeping each page of the website at a unique URL.

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