August 5, 2021
How to Install WebSphere Process Server websphere

How to Install WebSphere Process Server

How to Install WebSphere Process Server

WebSphere Online TrainingThe WebSphere Process Server program is designed to increase efficiency in a workplace by allowing users access to various programs and automating certain computer procedures so that workers don’t have to spend time doing the procedures themselves. The software requires installation on a server for maximum benefit.

Websphere Process Server is a software application server produced by IBM. It is supported by several operating systems such as Windows, AIX, Linux, Solaris, i/OS and z/OS. It offers features such as application integration and managing business processes.

Websphere Process Server installation process:

1. Before you install WebSphere Process Server, you must ensure that your system meets all the hardware and software requirements, and you must prepare your operating system for installation. You also need to decide whether to create a stand-alone server or a network deployment scenario and plan the configuration details needed.

2. You can obtain WebSphere Process Server product files in two ways, from the disks in the product package or by downloading installation images from sites.

3. Use the installation verification tools to verify that the installation of WebSphere Process Server and the creation of the stand-alone server or deployment manager profiles were successful.

4. Log on to the server you will be installing the Websphere Process Server on as the administrator. Insert your Websphere Process Server installation disk into your disk drive or start the download of the process server if you are downloading the software through your personal IBM passport advantage portal.

5. Start the launch pad by entering command prompts. If you are launching from an i5/OS, enter “launchpad.exe.” Type “mount_point/” if you are launching from a Linux or Unix system where “mount point” refers to your Linux or Unix system. Type “mount_point/” if you are launching the installation from a Windows server.

Click “IBM WebSphere Process Server Installation” and click “IBM WebSphere Process Server installation.” Click “Next.” Review the license terms and click “Agree” to proceed. Click “Next.” The “System Prerequisites” panel will appear; click “Next” at the bottom of the pane. Decide on the type of installation you need and click “Next.” Allow your server to complete the installation and reboot your server.

Hence you have now installed Websphere Process Server.

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