July 23, 2021

How to Use SAS Software

How to Use SAS Software

SAS Online TrainingSAS a Statistical Analysis System is a programming language used to manipulate and analyze data into the format that you or your clients are looking for. SAS locates data in large databases and puts it in a form that anyone can understand.

The following is the procedure for how to use SAS:

1. Find out what the client is looking for. Once you are clear what you need, you then have to know where to find the data. Review the databases that are at your disposal and get a layout of the ones from which you will need to retrieve data.

2. Write a program to access all the variables that are necessary to complete your project. You can identify and use more than one database or file at a time. Enter the statements that tell SAS the location of the information that you wish to access.

3. Perform the steps necessary to limit or change the data. Suppose the database contains names, addresses, social security numbers, payroll, and last date worked. If you only need the name and address, these would be the only variables you would input into your program.

4. Create new variables. If you had to find the age of a person and the only information you have is their date of birth, you could use the current date and subtract the date of birth for each person. By writing this in a program you can find everyone at once with your program.

5. Output a file with all the data the client has asked for. If the customer wants the data presented in a particular way, use a proc format to produce the required results. SAS can perform all the tasks necessary for delivering the information to your client.

6. Review your work to ensure you have everything the client asked for in the format that they requested. Produce a hard copy or file, depending on the client’s preference.

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