June 12, 2021
IBM AIX Interview tips to remember

IBM AIX Interview tips to remember

IBM AIX Interview tips to remember


1. How do you create an LV?

Ans : #mklv –y lv_name vg_name PPs pv_name

2. How do you create a filesystem on a given LV?

Ans: # crfs –v jfs –d /dev/lv_name –m /mount_point

3. What is Journaled File System?

Ans: It maintains a log in corresponding log device before committing any changes to LV and thus maintains integrity of file system.

4. What are the types of filesystems in AIX?


5. What is the file responsible to tell about the filesystems?

Ans: /etc/filesystems

6. How will you troubleshoot the file system problem?

Ans: using fsck and logform

7. Where you keep the shared folders in AIX?

Ans: /etc/exports

8. What exportfs –a command does?

Ans: It reads entries from /etc/exports and updates /etc/xtab

9. What is inode?

Ans: It is an Index node and points to the another inode or a datablock

10. What is superblock?

Ans: First block of any file system and contains Meta data of its like no of inodes and free list of inodes etc.

11. What is the daemon responsible for error log?

Ans: errdemon

12. What is the path for default log file?

Ans: /var/adm/ras/errorlog

13. How do you restrict remote user?

Ans: chuser rlogin=false user_name

14. How do you list filesystems?

Ans: lsfs

15. What are the stanzas in /etc/filesystem?

Ans: dev=, Mount=, Log=, Vfs=, Check=, Type=

16. How do you check error log?

Ans: # errpt -a

17. What is /proc file system?

Ans: contains process related information of all processes which are presently running.

18. What is the command to change the password of another user by a user –admin

(other than root user) who can set the passwords for users?

Ans: pwdadm

19. In the above question user “admin” belongs to which group?

Ans. Security

20. How will you set the password for a user whose password length must be eight



21. Where is the password for a user stores?

Ans: /etc/security/passwd

22. What are the fields available in the: /etc/security/passwd file?

Ans: last update, password and flag

23. What are the fields available in /etc/passwd file?

Ans: username: password indication: uid: gid: gcos: homedirectory: shell

24. What are the actions will take happen while exporting vg?

Ans: Removes that vg entry from odm

Removes corresponding filesystem entries related to VG from /etc/filesystems.

25. What is the VGDA information?

Ans: VG id, LV names, PV count, total PP’s, free PP’s, lv count, LTG etc.

(Use   # lqueryvg –p hdiskx –At)