April 22, 2021
Jamun Fruit And Pregnancy jamun fruit during pregnancy

Jamun Fruit And Pregnancy

Jamun Fruit And Pregnancy

The benefits of jamun fruit or black berries during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is an amazing experience in every women’s life. During pregnancy you have to make a lot of changes in your lifestyle, eating habits, exercises, mental changes, body changes and many more.

Choosing the right kind of food and eating healthy is very important during the pregnancy period. Because some foods you may fond of may have an adverse effects on pregnancy.

jamun fruit jamun comes in the list of foods to avoid during pregnancy.

jamun Fruits are also called as black plum or indian blackberry or kala jamun or jambul.

The expecting mothers like to eat tangy and sweet jamun. jamun fruit or blackberry is deep purple in color which is loaded with nutrients and has many health benefits.

There is a myth that eating jamun amid pregnancy, claiming that it will create dark spots in the unborn baby’s skin. But none of it has been proven clinically.

Eating jamun moderately during pregnancy has no harm to you and your baby. Moreover, the fruit is rich in high antioxidant content and nutrients, which protects the unborn baby and promoting the fetal growth and development.

Here are Some other benefits of eating black berry fruit during pregnancy

Regulates Diabetes
jamuns have anti-diabetic properties and very low glycemic index. They brings down the blood sugar levels around 30% and also minimize the probability of developing secondary complications of gestational diabetes

Regulates Blood Pressure
Blackberries or jamuns are loaded with potassium, which regulates blood pressure. It helps in managing blood pressure levels.

Prevents anemia
jamun are rich in vitamin C content, which helps in absorbing iron. It also helps to increase the hemoglobin count and prevent the commonly found pregnancy anemia.

Prevent Premature labor
jamun Fruit has high magnesium content, which helps in keeping premature contractions and preterm labor at bay

Regulates Bowel Movement
jamuns are rich in fiber, which helps in regulating bowel movements, relieves the constipation, hemorrhoids, digestive disorders etc.

Manages Stress
jamun fruits has high content of antioxidants and potassium, which help the expecting mother to eliminate fatigue and stress and helps her to stay energetic throughout the day.

Strengthen bone health and immunity
jamuns or indian black berries loaded with vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin D, iron, potassium and calcium. They helps in increasing the immunity and strengthening the bones in the course of pregnancy.

Develops baby’s Eyesight
Black berries are rich in vitamin A positively influences the baby’s eyesight, it develops the babies vision.

Follow these precautions when eating jamun fruits.
Eat jamuns moderately
Never eat jamuns on an empty stomach
Never drink milk immediately after eating jamun
It is important to clean jamun fruit thoroughly before eating.

So, it’s safe to eat jamun fruits moderately while pregnant.