April 21, 2021
Linux Administration Online Training  Institutes

Linux Administration Online Training Institutes

Definition of Linux Administration :

Linux is kernel of operating system on which people build their OS. There are many OS based on linux, because Linux kernel is open-source, meaning everyone can use it, edit it and even sell their derivative work. Even Android system is built on Linux kernel.

Linux used to be something for geeks-only. But it used to. Nowadays there are many Linux based distributives that work out of box once you install and easier to learn and use than Windows.

Linux based OS can be used for nearly all things like Windows or MAC. Video editing, listening to music, office work, printing, web-browsing, file sharing – these are the common simple things that can be done.


In the simple language Linux is an operating system (OS). We all are familiar with other operating systems like Microsoft windows, Apple Mac OS, iOS, Google android, etc, just like them linux is also an operating system.

An operating system is a software that enables communication between computer hardware and software. It conveys input to get processed by the processor and brings output to the hardware to display it. This is the basic function of an operating system. Although, it performs many other important tasks, let’s not talk about that.

Linux is around us since mid 90s. It can be used from wristwatches to supercomputers. It is everywhere in our phones, laptops, PCs, cars and even in refrigerators.It is very much famous among the developers and normal computer users.


Versions History of Linux Administration :

1. Version 0.01 – 1991,
2. Version 0.02 – October 5th, 1991,
3. Version 0.11 – December 19th, 1991,
4. Version 0.12 – January 5, 1992,
5. Version 2.2 – January 1999,
6. Version 2.4 – January 2001,
7. version 4.0 – 2015.


advantages of linux :


The most obvious advantage of using Linux is the fact that it is free to obtain, whereas a Linux distribution can be installed on any number of computers, without paying a single dime.


The power of choice is a great Linux advantage. With Linux, you have the power to control just about every aspect of the operating system. Two major features you have control of are your desktops look and feel by way of numerous Window Managers, and the kernel. In Windows, your either stuck using the boring default desktop theme, or risking corruption or failure by installing a third-party shell.


There are so many software choices when it comes to doing any specific task. You could search for a text editor on Freshmeat and yield hundreds, if not thousands of results. My article on 5 Linux text editors you should know about explains how there are so many options just for editing text on the command-line due to the open source nature of Linux. Regular users and programmers contribute applications all the time. Sometimes its a simple modification or feature enhancement of a already existing piece of software, sometimes its a brand new application. In addition, software on Linux tends to be packed with more features and greater usability than software on Windows.


Linux is perfect for those old computers with barely any processing power or memory you have sitting in your garage or basement collecting dust. Install Linux and use it as a firewall, a file server, or a backup server. There are endless possibilities. Old 386 or 486 computers with barely any RAM run Linux without any issue. Good luck running Windows on these machines and actually finding a use for them.

Flexibility :

You don’t have to deal with anti-piracy schemes and additional “hoop jumping”. linux is very flexible.

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