July 23, 2021
Lung Cancer Causes Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Causes

Lung Cancer Causes

Lung cancer is the cancer that develops in lungs. Lung Cancer is the main cause of deaths in US and worldwide. Some times lung cancers are called bronchogenic cancers or bronchogenic carcinomas.

Lung cancer is of 2 types which develops differently, they are SCLC or Small Cell Lung Cancer and NSCLC or Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.

Causes of Lung Cancer
The people who smoke have the higher risk of developing lung cancer. Tobacco is the 90% cause for the lung cancer deaths.

Passive Smoking
The people who are exposed to passive smoking or inhalation of tobacco smoke also have the risk of lung cancer.

Radon Gas
Lung cancer is also caused due to the exposure to the radon gas. Radon gas is the natural radioactive gas
which is produced by the natural breakdown of uranium.

The other cause of lung cancer is exposure to asbestos. The workplace exposure to asbestos fibers, as in the past asbestos was widely used as both thermal and acoustic insulation.

Other Carcinogens
Workplace exposure to other carcinogens like arsenic, chromium and nickel can also increase the risk of developing lung cancer.

Family History
The people with family history of lung cancer is are at higher risk of developing lung cancer. That means people with a parent, sibling or child with lung cancer have the cancer risk.

So, these are the causes of lung cancer. Try to avoid them.