July 30, 2021
Makeup tips for Rainy Season

Makeup tips for Rainy Season

Makeup Tips for Rainy Season

Rainy season can be very harsh on your make-up. It’s the time where you need to choose the right and perfect make-up items. Heavy makeup has a risk of being smudged and washed out severely and so light makeup is more advisable. It is best to invest in waterproof cosmetics.

Make-up procedure changes with the season. As the seasons change it is recommended to learn the new way of applying cosmetics and using the right products our skin really requires. During rainy season, light and sheer make-up with water proof mascara, transfer resistant lipstick and water proof foundation avoid the risk of make-up smudging.

Some of the useful makeup tips for rainy season:

* Never neglect your moisturizers during rainy season.

* Wear less make-up as much as possible during rainy season, the lesser the better.

* Try to create a look that is very minimal in shades and colors in rainy season.

* Consider the make up brand during monsoon. They may be a little expensive but you’ll soon see that it’s all worth it.

* Usage of foundation should be in a right procedure. Don’t use too much of foundation as they may smudge and create stains on your face. Else check if the foundation is water resistant

* Powder will prove to be the best tool to offer a slight shimmer and mask the beauty flaws at the same time. This will stick to your complexion rather than any kind of foundation. It will require a quick touch up during the day, however it guarantees the spotless effect.

* Blush: Add a touch of colour to your cheeks but don’t use loud colours. Select a soft colour which will complement the face and season. One of the best alternative is to use a lipstick as a blush and spread it over your cheekbones. Check that the blush you use is water resistant.

* Try to apply waterproof mascaras, shadows and liners for rainy season. A single coat of waterproof mascara and liners is enough to enhance your natural look.

* Use a lip pencil to outline your lips. Use a lip balm to give a nude look. If you still want to add color then go for a matt based lipstick in browns, beige, nude or light colors. Peaches, corals, nudes are in rainy season.

* Don’t use hair spays or gels during monsoon as the hair lacquers and gums can stick to scalp causing dandruff.

* Most important tip is to bring a handy umbrella with you during rainy season.

* It is important is to keep you brushes clean. Keep them in a dry place and remove makeup before your sleep.