July 30, 2021
Mangoes During Pregnancy mango

Mangoes During Pregnancy

Mangoes During Pregnancy

Many people have doubt that is it safe to eat mangoes during pregnancy.
Yes it is safe to eat mangoes during pregnancy. Let us see the benefits of eating Mangoes During Pregnancy

Mango is called as the king of the fruits. Mango is a tasty, delicious, refreshing and nutrient rich fruit. Some people say to avoid mangoes during pregnancy.

Mangoes have a great source of vitamin A, vitamin c, vitamin B6, beta-carotene, iron, fiber, potassium and folic acid. These all are the vital nutrients required during pregnancy. Mangoes are also a good source of energy and antioxidants.

The fiber content in mangoes helps to prevent constipation during pregnancy.

Sugar Carvings
Mangoes are naturally sweet, so are a great source to satisfy the sugar carvings during pregnancy.

Mangoes have high calories and thus a good snack during third semester.

Fetal & Brain Development
Mango are rich in folic acid, which aids in fetal development during pregnancy. They help to prevent Neural tube defects during early pregnancy.

Prevents Anemia
Mangoes are rich in iron which increase the red blood cells and prevent anemia during pregnancy.

Fight Free Radicals
Due the high Vitamin C content in Mangoes, they acts as antioxidant, prevent free radicals in the body. The Vitamin C in mango can lessen pre-term labor risk in some cases.

Bones And Teeth Development
The Vitamin A in Mangoes is useful for the development of the baby’s bones and teeth. It also enriches the eyes and nervous system.

Morning Sickness
Mangoes has the sweet and sour taste, which is wonderful fruit to prevent morning sickness, during pregnancy. The vitamin B6 relieves nausea and morning sickness.

Prevent Preeclampsia
The Magnesium in Mangoes is a natural cure for high blood pressure. It prevents the hypertensive condition called preeclampsia, which can lead to seizure during pregnancy.

Maintains Fluid Balance
The Potassium in Mangoes, helps to maintain the body fluid balance, which is especially critical during pregnancy. Fluid accumulation in the lower limbs can hamper movement and excess fluid can be dangerous too.

Eating mangoes is safe during pregnancy, But you have eat them in moderate. Sometimes eating excessive mangoes can have some side effects during pregnancy.
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