April 21, 2021

Mobile testing interview question and answers

Mobile testing interview question and answers

Online Training from India1. What is the difference between TDMA and FDMA?

A. TDMA is Time Division Multiple Access. In TDMA technology each user in the channel owns the channel bandwidth for some time in a round robin fashion. All GSM handsets use this technology. FDMA is Frequency Division Multiple Access. In FDMA many users are allowed to transmit through the same channel at the same time. So each user at any particular time uses part of the bandwidth. CDMA handsets use this technology.

2. What is the difference between mobile testing, mobile application testing?

A. Mobile Testing means the complete testing of mobile – system level + Application level.

Mobile Application testing deals with only the features and multimedia part.

3. What is the advantage of symbian OS devices comparing with j2me and Brew OS devices?

A. – Symbian is the latest OS where as j2me and Brew OSs are old ones.
– Symbian OS has SIS file format where as j2me has JAR file format which means this is a third party software and anybody can develop softwares in this OS.
– Symbian is a fast browsing and a fast operating system. j2me is not as fast.
– Symbian OS provide touchscreen phones such as UIQ phones. No such facility on j2me.
– Symbain OS has superior hardware access to the phone compared to j2me and Brew OS
– Symbian OS offers rich UI.

4. What is streaming?

A. Streaming is the process of downloading a content from the server.

5. How can smoke testing be applied to mobile testing?

A. Smoke testing can be done on a Mobile once the latest build has been released to the testing team. Smoke test or build verification is nothing but just the basic functionality check for all the applications, test scope parameters that are involved in mobile application testing, testing very basic and important features of the mobile and also testing the showstopper issues at a higher priority level.

6. Is there any automation tool for mobile application testing ?

A. TestQuest is one of the best tools to automate mobile applications
Fitnesse tool can also be used to automate mobile applications.

7. What are value added Services in Mobile Application Testing?

A. Value added services refer tpo extra services like toll free number, getting messages for new offers in recharging sim card, getting messages for downloading new ringtones, caller tunes etc.

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