August 3, 2021
Natural Home Remedies For Migraines Remedies For Migraines

Natural Home Remedies For Migraines

Natural Home Remedies For Migraines

Migraines are recurrent throbbing headache, often in one side of the head or some times on both sides. Migraine are
accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound.


1. Ginger

Ginger is very effective in treating common migraines. Ginger stops our body from recognizing and responding when migraines occur. Chew raw ginger or drink ginger tea few times a day till you get relief from Migraines. Make sure to drink it at the onset of your headache. See Ginger Tea recipe here.

2. Peppermint

Peppermint has the anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties that soothe nerves, gives calming effect and relieves from headaches. Drink peppermint tea with honey. Massage peppermint oil on your temples and leave it for 30 minutes. Repeat few times daily till you get relief.

3. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is the best home remedy for migraine .It stimulates blood circulation and improves blood flow. It also has capsaicin, a natural painkiller. Mix 1 cup of warm water with 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, add lemon juice and honey for taste and consume regularly.

4. Flaxseed

Flaxseed contain omega-3 fatty acids and helps to get relief from some type of headaches and migraines. Flaxseed can be used as a home remedy in several forms, including as an oil and ground or whole seeds.

5. Nuts

Have More nuts to get relief from migraines on a regular basis. Nuts are both a pain relievers and a preventive to stave off future onsets. Nuts contain salicin, a pain blocking agent. When migraines strike, choose nuts to get releif from migraines.

6. Chamomile

The anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and soothing properties of Chamomile relieves migraines. Drink Chamomile tea 4 times a day to reduce Migraines. In cup of hot water add 2-3 tea spoons of dried chamomile flowers, after few minutes strain and drink. Add lemon juice and honey for taste.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is a nutritional powerhouse and helps to reduce migraines. Mix 1 table spoon of apple cider vinegar and 1 table spoon of honey in a glass of water and drink daily to prevent and treat migraines.

8. Buckwheat

Buckwheat has a flavonoid called rutin, which is useful in treating headaches and migraines. The flavonoids treat inflammation, a common cause of headaches. The Flavonoids of Buckwheat are phytochemicals, and contain antioxidant properties, which counteract damage to cells.

9. Grapes

Grapes are an excellent pain reliever and a natural home remedy to cure headaches and migraines. Drink all-natural grape juice, or blend fresh and ripe grapes with water, and consume to get relief from Migraine

10. Basil Oil

Basil oil is the best and natural home remedy for treating headache and migraine. Basil helps to relax muscles, and helps to cures the headaches caused by tension and tight muscles.

11. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is a useful home remedy for headaches and migraines. It can be inhaled or applied topically. Lavender oil should not be taken orally. For inhaling add 4 drops of lavender oil to 3 cups of boiling water. The vapors of lavender-oil treats headache.

12. Raw potato cuttings

The potato are the best home remedy for migraines for over 200 years. The thick slices of raw potato calms the migraines. The thick potato slices are cloaked in a thin cloth and wrapped around head or rubbed directly on the temples to ease tension and pain.