August 6, 2021

Performance Testing Interview Questions Answers

Performance Testing Interview Questions Answers

Testing Tools Online Training1. What is Performance testing?

A. Timing for both read and update transactions should be gathered to determine whether system functions are being performed in an acceptable timeframe. This should be done standalone and then in a multi user environment to determine the effect of multiple transactions on the timing of a single transaction.

2. Can we do performance testing manually?

A. Yes, we can do Performance testing manually. you should open many active sessions of the application and should test it out. It also depends on what type of performance test you want to do.

3. What is performance baseline testing?

A. In Performance baseline testing a “benchmark” or “standard is defined and base lined. For e.g. A particular server is known to perform well until the users don’t exceed the figure 100. Here, the standard can be 100 users. In performance baseline testing the performance of a new server can be compared to the standard server.

4. What all things can be found out be performance testing?

A. Performance testing can be applied to understand the web site’s scalability, or to benchmark the performance in the environment of third party products such as servers and middleware for potential purchase.

5. What types of bottlenecks are likely in performance testing?

A. Bottlenecks in performance testing slow down testing and can affect the performance and the scalability of an application.

6. What is the Throughput in performance testing during web based testing?

A. Throughput in performance testing is the no of transactions that can be handled simultaneously. It can be tested using automation tools.

7. What are the kind of tests we can do with Performance Test Case Designer?

A. Normal/load and stress testing of JSP, Servlet /API methods can be done with Performance Test Case Designer.

8. Is it possible to do performance testing in an unattended mode?

A. NO, this is like inviting problem ourself. Because we dont know when the server behave different and the whole process would result in fail.

9. Can EJB performance be measured with this Performance Test Case Designer?

A. The EJB code will be tested, not exactly of the performance system, normally system performance depends on many factors might effective EJB code will increase the performance of the sytem.

10. Does the tool handle Cookies in play?

A. Yes.

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