Photoshop Interview Tips to Remember

Photoshop Interview Tips to Remember


1.  What is Adobe Photoshop?

A)    Adobe Photoshop is an image editing software. Images, logos can be created using photoshop. Picture / image editing is done with photoshop. Photoshop allows to modify images using painting tools. Adjustments to the images can be done like contrast and color balancing. It also supports text graphics, water marks, transparent images.

2.  Explain about the photoshop Work Area?

A)     Photoshop work area consists of Application Bar, Tools Panel, Options Bar, Document Window and Panel Dock.

Application Bar : It contains menu bar along with many controls to zoom, buttons for viewing extras.

Tools Panel : It contains a set of tools for selecting, manipulating images.

Options Bar : There are various options available.

Document Window: It displays the current working file.

Panel Dock : Panel dock has several panels to edit / modify the images. By default there are layer, adjustment and style panels.

3.  What is resizing images and size guide in Adobe Photoshop?

A)    At times images need to resize to suit a particular purpose of the application.

The unit measurement of pixels is 1 cm = 28 pixels.

The units can be adjusted by using Edit -> Preferences->Units and Rulers.

The parameters to change the size of picture are

1. Type of picture.

2. Size of Pixels

3. Background resolution

4. Standard picture usually of size 200 x 200

5. Title Bar

6. Select Image->image size menu item.

4.  How to crop an image in Photoshop?

A)    Cutting out of any portion of an image is known as cropping.

Any part of the image can be selected by cropping.

A preview of the cropped image is visible at the right side.

The process to crop is:

1. Select the part of the image.

2. Select the shape of cropping tool from the menu.

3. Hold shift key and drag to select the marquee to a square or a circle.

4. Hold a marquee from its center, hold down Alt after dragging.

5. Select Image-> Crop menu item.

5.  How do we print the grid in Adobe Photoshop?

A)    Place the non printing grid as per the need.

Capture the screen using Alt + PrintScreen.

Open a new file. Set the size as per the requirements.

Paste the selected image.

Crop away any unwanted part of the image.

Place a grid on the printable image.

Click on Print.

6.  How to organize layers in Photoshop?

A)    A layer shows an image / picture.

Multiple layers are used to place separate images / pictures.

Place various images in separate layers.

Lock the unused layers.

Unlock the layer that is in use.

When 2 or more layers need to be changed, unlock the layers.

Ensure that at least one layer is unlocked.

7.  What is a Smart Object in Adobe Photoshop?

A)    Photoshop CS2 has a special layer known as Smart Object Layer.

Smart objects can have pixel-based content or vector-based content.

Smart objects allow working with multiple copies of a single object.

All multiple copies will be updated when one object is updated.

Layer styles and adjustment of layers can be applied to the individual smart objects, without affecting all copies.

All pixel-based smart objects will also remember the original size.

Pixel-based objects can be transformed several times without any loss.

8.  How to unlock the background?

A)    Click on the image.

Select MODE option.

Select GRAY SCALE option and revert to LAYER.

Double click on the surface.

The background surface will be unlocked.

Another alternative is Select RGB color from IMAGE.

Double click on the image.

9.  How to modify one image from one layer to another layer?

A)    Open the color image that is to be modified.

Select the image and copy the image in clip board.

Change the color to gray scale using the mode.

Select Yes to removing all color.

The image will be changed into grayscale.

Tweak the black and white part, up to the required quality.

Return to MODE.

Return the image to RGB mode.

Select the Move tool and Paste.

The file will be applied to the original color on a new layer.

10. How do you select an exact color to match?

 A)    Use the eye-dropper tool to sample the color as foreground color.

Ensure that foreground color square is select.

Use the brush tool / paint bucket tool / pencil tool for covering the area.

Alternatively, use Clone Stamp Tool.

Alt + Click where you want to pick the color from.

Hold down the mouse button for covering up the new area.