July 29, 2021
PHP Interview Questions For Freshers

PHP Interview Questions For Freshers

PHP Interview Questions For Freshers

PHP Classroom Training Institute 1.What is the AWS SDK for PHP?

Answer: The AWS SDK for PHP makes it easier for developers to build applications that tap into the cost-effective, scalable, and reliable AWS cloud.

Using the SDK, developers can build solutions for Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon SimpleDB, and more. With the AWS SDK for PHP, developers get started in minutes with a single package.

2.What services does the AWS SDK for PHP support?

Answer: The AWS SDK for PHP supports the AWS infrastructure products. For a complete list of services.We’ll continue to add support for infrastructure services and features over time. Let us know if there’s anything particular you want us to see in our PHP Development forum.

3.Why is AWS providing a PHP SDK?

Answer: The AWS infrastructure services provide language-agnostic web service APIs that can be used by any number of programming languages and technologies. The AWS SDK for PHP makes application development easier for our customers by providing a tailored development experience for PHP developers. Previously, developers had to download multiple libraries from different providers in order to build an application on multiple AWS products. With the AWS SDK for PHP, developers get started in minutes with a single, downloadable package with the AWS PHP library, code samples, and documentation.

4.What features are included in the AWS SDK for PHP?

 SDK includes:
AWS PHP Library—Build PHP applications on top of APIs that take the complexity out of coding directly against a web service interface. The library provides APIs that hide much of the lower-level plumbing, such as authentication.
Code Samples —Practical examples for how to use the library to build applications.
Documentation—Complete reference documentation with samples, demonstrating how to use the SDK.
PEAR Channel—Easily install and update the SDK using our PHP Extension and Application Repository (PEAR) channel.

5.How do I get support fro the AWS SDK for PHP?

Answer: All customers can get support for the AWS SDK for PHP through our community forums, getting started guide, and reference documentation available through the PHP Developer Center. AWS Premium Support customers can additionally get support through the Support Center.

6.Will you deprecate the existing libraries from AWS?

Answer: Yes. While the existing libraries for AWS services will be available for download, they will not be updated to support any future service feature releases. We recommend developers switch to the new AWS SDK for PHP, where they’ll continue to get new feature updates and bug fixes.

7.How is this different from the existing PHP libraries that AWS provides?

Answer: Based on customer feedback, the AWS SDK for PHP libraries have been re-designed to be more familiar to PHP developers. In addition to packaging the libraries into a single package along with documentation and code samples, the AWS SDK for PHP makes it easier to use multiple AWS products, including a new library for Amazon S3.

8.Is the AWS SDK for PHP open source? How is the SDK licensed?

Answer: The library and sample application source code is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, so you can modify and re-distribute the code with the appropriate attribution.

9.Do you accept code contributions?

Answer: Yes. If you’d like to contribute, you must first sign the Amazon Contributor License Agreement (CLA) and send it over to us — then we can accept your GitHub pull request. Minor bug fixes or code changes can also just be posted to the PHP Development forum.

10.What about the Product Advertising API?

Answer: Support for the Product Advertising API will continue to exist in the CloudFusion project. Support for new infrastructure services and features will go into the AWS SDK for PHP.

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