June 12, 2021
Popular Snowbird destinations In US

Popular Snowbird destinations In US


Popular Snowbird destinations In US :

Snowbird destinations are warm and sunny areas are the popular locations in United States has number of popular Snowbird areas to gather together. Mostly Canadians make the most of their enjoyment of the Snowbird lifestyle and minimize the risks, when living part-time in the U.S., Mexico, and other countries. Many snowbirds are from Canada and the Pacific Northwest. The most popular Sunbelt states are Florida, Arizona, California and Texas.

These snowbird destinations in USA offers something for every RVer. Spending time in many of these snowbird destinations will surely make you recommend others enjoy warm and sunny climate.

Florida :

The primary destination of snowbirds in US is Florida. Florida has three prime Snowbird locations are Boca Raton, Key West and Destin. Most snowbirds are from the East Coast and the eastern Midwest. The Florida Panhandle provides great beaches, fishing, golf and delicious seafood; however it can get quite cold. South Florida, Atlantic side is more expensive and fast paced, but for those who want to relax in the sun and spend time on the beach is the best Snowbird destination. The West side of Florida is a golf-lovers paradise with prices lower than on the Miami-side.


Arizona is home to Sun City, Sedona and Yuma. All three areas are among the top ten Snowbird destinations in the United States.This Snowbird destination Arizona in US gives the most thrilling experience of rocks and dry heat.

It offers snowbird rivers the option of staying in nice modern parks or boondocking or dry camping for almost free on BLM land. The winters are usually mild with the occasional short-lived cold snap.


San Diego is the 2nd largest city in California and it is becoming the hot spot for Snowbirds due to the climate and the beauty of the area. The perfect weather in California makes the option of luxurious amenities or bare-bones parking which is the top five snowbird destinations. Coachella Valley is a golfers paradise, offering beautifully maintained greens and world-class courses.

Whether you stay in Palm Springs or any of the other 10 desert resort cities the snowbird will enjoy majestic landscapes, graceful palms and clear blue skies while surrounded by luxury and all the modern conveniences.

Texas :

Texas is where snowbirds are called Winter Texans and welcomed with open arms. Thousands of Mid-westerners and Canadians come to Rio Grand Valley in Texas to escape the frozen North. Even though the Valley is at the same latitude as Key West, Florida, it’s definitely cooler and more wet. There are a great number of RV parks, with the largest parks offering a variety of activities. Dancing of all kinds (ballroom, round, western, square and line dancing) is the most popular activity in the Valley among winter Texans. Gulf Coast Ranging from the western edge of the Florida Panhandle to the eastern edge of Texas

Las Vegas :

Las Vegas is a mild tempered region offers the amazing ‘Strip’ along with a wide number of other activities for Snowbirds to enjoy. There is never a dull moment in Vegas. RV parks, apartments and condominiums provide the Snowbird with the perfect place to call home.

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