July 23, 2021

Reasons why to Program in Java

Reasons why to Program in Java

Java Online TrainingJava Language is an independent programming platform that is designed to work well with Windows, Linux or Mac operating systems. Java is one of the most popular and dynamic programming languages used today. Java is the most preferred programming languages among professional programmers.

Those are new to Java, then they need to the reasons why so many people use Java. Java is a revolutionary language and so, for this reason, it is the most accepted computing language in use today for a wide-ranging purpose.

Java is easy to Learn:

Java is one of the most easy to learn programming languages for beginners. When you learn how to program in Java, you can start with just the basic statements, to write, debug, compile and learn other programming languages. The main reason why Java is easy to learn is that it uses automatic garbage collection and memory allocation. When you learn the basics of how to program in Java, you can create your first Hello program within minutes.

Java is Object oriented:

After you are comfortable writing simple Java programs, you can look at the more advanced features of Java. Java is object oriented, which implies that programming in Java revolves around creating new objects, making different objects work together and manipulating the existing objects to make it better. This allows programmers to create reusable codes and modular programs.

Java is platform independent:

The Java programming language is platform independent where one can develop the Java program on one platform and execute it on another. You just need to have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) loaded on your target platform. The Java JRE is available on multiple platforms. You can download Java for Windows, Linux, Solaris and Apple.

Java has powerful development tools:

Since Java is a popular language, there are powerful development tools available to you. One tool is the Netbeans IDE (integrated development environment). Another one is the Eclipse IDE. Both of these Java tools offer powerful editing, syntax-checking, coding help, source code control, built-in servers and more. These two IDEs are also free. Creating networking programs using Java is as easy as sending and receiving data from a file.

Java is Free:

This is the most striking advantages of using Java. All the Java features and functionalities are available for free. Download Java for free and develop different kinds of programs.

Java is more Reliable.

Java is probably the only programming language that assures reliability. Java greatly emphasizes on checking the possible errors in the initial stages of programming itself. The Java compilers detect the errors while you execute the program in other languages. This helps you to rectify the error and run the program successfully.

Java is Secured:

Java is one of the few programming languages that have security as the integral part of its design. Each and every components of Java including compiler, language, runtime environment and interpreter were developed to provide security.

Java is Dynamic:

Java is designed specially to enable programmers carry out distributed computing function within the network capability that is integrated into it, thus a Java program can be used to do almost anything. There are a rich set of Java classes that can handle standard application programming, user interfaces, networking, graphics, browser programs (applets), server programs (servlets) and more.

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