July 23, 2021

SAP CRM Certification Interview Questions

SAP CRM Certification Interview Questions

SAP CRM Online Training1. What is the action profile in SAP CRM? How to use complaints and returns life cycle in service process?

ANS: Action Profile is a Post Processing Frame work (PPF) which gives some output (like as smart form, fax, document) on given conditions.

And this is used in every place in SAP CRM where we define the Conditions for the successful implementation of the activity. like in Opportunity Management, Monitoring the Activity of the enterprise employees etc.

2. Is it possible to implement CRM with SAP 4.0B?

ANS: Yes, it is possible to implement CRM with SAP 4.0B.

3. What is master data in SAP CRM?

ANS: Master Data is org & CP basic data which are mandatory for creating org & CP in CRM system.

3. What are the types of Geo-characteristics?

ANS: a) dynamic
b) dynamic w/attributes
c) static
d) static w/ geo-attributes
e) hyrbid

4. Does a multi-cube contain data?

ANS: a) No
b) Yes

5. What methods are available for data transportation methods?

ANS: a) iDOC
b) tRFC
c) MDX
d) file replication

6. What types of flat files are acceptable to import into BW?

b) CSV

7. What is the relation between crm and sapr3 architecture?

ANS: R 3 Means (Three tier architechture) 1st Tier (R1)
launched at the time of SAP inception with five x ibm
employees, later on 2 nd & 3 rd tier had come in the form
of advanced . Now latest is My SAP CRM.

SAP R 3 actual Nomeneclature is (ECC – Enterprenuer Central Component)

CRM acts as a central server attached to its external systems such as ( BIW , ECC & Third party systems , etc ).

8. What does OLE stand for?

ANS: Object linking and embedding

9. How to integrate R/3 with CRM?

ANS: To exchange data between ECC (R3) and CRM systems we need
to maintain connectivity for both systems.

Steps for the integration between R 3 & CRM:


1) Define logical system for ECC (Name)
2) Define logical system for CRM (To establish the cross connection)
3) Identify the data which you wanted to copy to crm
4) Assign logical system to the client

10. What is the standard transaction type for Quatation?

ANS: Transaction type – AG
Item category – AGN

11. Quotation transaction type comes under which functionality in CRM?

ANS: Quatation transaction type: AG


1. Create or Generate leads with Marketing Campaign
2. Track, qualify and close oppt
3. Manage and track ERP quotations
4. Process ERP Sales Orders
5. Fulfill logistics needs
6. Process invoices in ERP
7. Manage account payables

12. How to enhance BP?

ANS: You can enhance the business partner from Easy
Enhancement Workbench (EEW)
Key features of the Easy Enhancement Workbench include the

i)Wizard for adding new fields and new tables to business
ii) Partner master data
iii) No required detailed knowledge of the development
environment and data model
Wizards for the extension process

13. How many tabs are there in navigation bar?

ANS: Navigation bar concept comes in WEB UI
The navigation bar profile is defined in CRMC_UI_NBLINKS
Based on how you define, you can have different work
centers for different Navigation bar profiles

14. What is Activity Journal?

ANS: With activity journals, you can record and update information gathered from customer visit or telephone calls.

For example activity journals can contain:

. Products or product categories
. Product-related information such as what products were discussed with the customer or the number of samples given to the customer

15. What is Action Profile?

ANS: 1) You assign an action profile directly to a transaction
Type/item category.
2) Action profile consist of actions
3) Actions consist of schedule conditions, Start conditions, processing types and process time.

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