July 23, 2021

SAP HR Interview Question and Answers

SAP HR Interview Question and Answers


1)      Which characteristics does a day with day type 1 have?

A)    Its OFF and Paid

2)      Can a posting run be deleted?

A)    Yes It can be reversed before the Bank transfer. Once the transfer is done the payments need to be adjusted in the next payments.

3)      What activities are possible when the payroll control record is set to ” Released for Payroll “?

A)    When you set the status to Released for pay roll “\\\’ you cant make any changed to master data. Its actually released for pay roll.

4)      How does the system know when to trigger retroactive accounting for a particular employee?

A)    You have to mention the retro active accounting date in IT 0003 in the relevant field. Other wise it will take the earlier hiring date.

5)      Is it possible to branch directly from the payroll log to maser data and time data maintenance?

A)    Yes you can go in a separate sessions.

6)      How did u transfer legacy data in the mid of the financial year (US) to SAP system?

A)    For mid year Go live SAP Supports with only transactions of HR and others but nor Finance, u should have asked the question to him, or replied by giving the INLK Schemas is used for Mid year Go Live or even a program is there for mid year go live in the help CD, find IT.

7)      What is the order of transferring legacy data? (Is OM first, PA second like that. and what data you have imported in OM and what data in PA

A)    Data transfer has to start from OM — > PA ( All emp related modules as benefits, rect, training, PD, COmpn mgmt and others) — > TM _—> Payroll. This is different from client to client and No standard is fixed to data transfer.

8)      LSMW??

A)    Legacy System Migration Workbench which is used for data transfer for any of the transactions which exist in SAP OR even which Customized by developers.

9)      What was your legacy system and how many digits were your personnel number are?

A)    Legacy system you have to say the Details of Server names and numbers and Project details with onsite and offshore and follows.

10)  What is PROCESSING CLASS, where we do them and why?

A)    Wage type characteristic that determines how processing is conducted during the payroll run.

11)  What is EVALUTION PATH, where do we do it and why?

A)    A chain of relationships between objects in a hierarchical structure. for eg. O-S-P(Organization->Position->Person).

12)  What is internal recruitment ?

A)    Internal recruitment is search for internal applicants. when you integrate with personal development, you can use profile match up which help to search for resources internally.

13)  What are problems generally faced while posting result to FICO ?

A)    Normally mismatching of amount get posted.

14)  What is REPORT VARIANT FOR OFF CYCLE ACTIVITIES, what do we do in this step ?

A)    Variant is to save all input field parameters.  once you saved as a variant , you can use the same for future purposes.

15)  If we have to create multiple positions, what method OR tool we can use to avoid errors due to creating them manually ?

A)    You can create muliple position by LSMW or batch programs for the Tcode PP01 or PPOCE.

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