April 22, 2021

SAS programmers job description

SAS programmers job description

SAS Online TrainingSAS programmers are professionals trained to work with programs to develop, upgrade and modify codes for computer applications to work. The SAS programmer job description may include programming tasks not related to any SAS products.

SAS is a set of software developed by one company, the SAS Institute Inc. is the only institution that provides certification for this position. Most companies only hire SAS programmers who have completed the SAS Global Certification program, since it demonstrates the programmer’s ability to use SAS software based on a universal standard.

To become a SAS programmer, minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science or related fields, management information systems. To excel in this field the SAS programmers must also have several years of experience working with SAS software and have extensive knowledge in both hardware and software. These programmers are extremely rare since SAS software can be expensive and only a few choose this specialization.

The SAS programmers must possess essential skills as strong conceptual understanding of the context and business requirements,
excellent analytical, problem solving and troubleshooting abilities.

Responsibilities of SAS programmer:

1. SAS programmer must create plans based on specifications, budget, schedules and other factors provided by the project manager or clients.

2. SAS programmers are responsible for writing, analyzing and reviewing programs through diagrams or workflow charts.

3. Being SAS programmers they assess software programs extensively, revising any errors and testing the programs continuously until the program functions as required and produces the desired results.

4. One of the biggest task the SAS programmer does is they customizing existing programs to allow new features, improve efficiency, adapt new specifications, to match the business requirements of a company.

5. The SAS programmers also collaborate with administration, IT, and other department heads, particularly in setting program objectives, discussing problems and debating possible solutions.

6. SAS programmers perform various programming tasks such as  store/retrieve data, track inventories, control equipment, monitor business trends, and other processes that could help business operations When modifying or developing programs

7. One of the regular task of the SAS programmers is Communicating with suppliers of computer parts.

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