SEO tips for E-commerce Websites

SEO tips for E-commerce Websites

SEO is important for any website. And SEO for an Ecommerce website is more important as they generally has lower traffic. Improving the Online Marketing presence of an Ecommerce website is a very challenging task. Because ecommerce sites have significantly less content than many other types of websites, they can face struggles others don’t have. To improve your site you need to make it search engine and user friendly. This is a process that makes your website easier to crawl and index by Google and easier to use by your customers. Online retail websites face a unique set of obstacles when it comes to improving sales through better search engine visibility.

1. As an ecommerce site owner choose carefully the Ecommerce platform that you will use. Ensure that it is regularly updated, that it has lots of plugins, that it is supported by an active community or a serious company and that it is SEO Friendly. Don’t select the platform only based on its cost.

2. Make your Product description attractive, create the Product and category URLs with Keywords. Optimize your Image Create Brand Landing Pages on your Site. Use SEO Friendly URLs which contain the important keywords of each product or category.

3. Conduct Keyword Research and find out how people search for your products. Optimize your pages for the targeted keywords and check their Keyword Rank with Keyword Analyzer tool. Use keywords in your individual URL page links.

4. Build links that point directly to the product landing pages and don’t focus all your link building efforts only on homepage. Link directly from your homepage to your best selling products.

5. Offer all the features such as Add to wish list, “Send Email alert when product becomes available”, “subscribe to Newsletter” etc. They are good for the users and they can help you increase conversion rates. Reduce the loading time of your website by minimizing the size of image files and by using caching mechanisms.

6. Do not use the same exact keyphrases on every single page or use as many keyphrases as you can onto every page of your site. Each page gives you a unique opportunity to rank with the engines because each page stands on its own. Select search terms specifically for the individual pages.

7. Well-written SEO copy can quickly convert visitors into buyers. Since E-commerce websites thrive on quality product descriptions use keyphrases into your headlines. Google and other engines give particular importance to headlines, so include search terms if at all possible.

8. It is really important for E-commerce website to have original content since search engines do not like duplicate content. Make sure that the hundreds of pages on your site, with thousands of product descriptions, do not carry duplicate content. This is a challenging task, as other websites too carry the same products, so to be different from all is tough. But you have to work on it, as there is no other way around it.

9. Host your website on a reliable hosting company. Choose wisely the country of the server.

10. Create Special Offers and Brand Landing Pages to boost your sales. Self-Branding with unique content for your e-commerce site will become a brand in itself. With self branding your site will have unique product descriptions on all the pages, through out the website. This will give your site its own tone that will let you build your own store brand.