July 27, 2021
Simple Weight Gain Tips gain weight

Simple Weight Gain Tips

Simple Weight Gain Tips

Are you underweight and planning to gain weight. Then watch this video for the simple tips to gain weight naturally at home.

Many people are overweight or obese and at same time some people are very thin, underweight and skinny. Gaining weight is difficult for skinny people like losing weight in obese.

Being underweight is also a problem and the cause of underweight is Low body Mass Index or BMI. Underweight and the less BMI than needed by the body is bad for the overall health.

Underweight has the greater risk of early death, 140% in men and 100% in women. So the healthy weight is very important for a healthy body. Here are some of foods to gain weight naturally.

Eat more Calories
More calories are very important for gaining weight. Eat more calories than your body needs. The calories needed for you depends on the metablism and activity levels

Eat More
Eat more times than usual to reach your goal weight. Make sure that you eat breakfaser and more than 3 times a day, approximately 3 big meals and 3 small meals with a healthy diet.

Include more protein in your diet as protien in important for building muscles. Without protein the extra calories may end up in body fat. Muscles need protein to recover from workouts and grow bigger.

Healthy Fats
Good and Healthy fats are needed for the growth of muscles and in production of hormones like testosterone. The testostrone elevates the metabolic rate, losing bad fats and gaining good fats. It also strengthen the muscles.

Exercise also helps to gain weight. Lifting heavy weights is very crucial, as it improves your strength. Squats and Deadlifts triggers more strength and muscle gains weight.

Yoga is the best remedy for solving many physical and mental problems. Yoga treats stress, poor metabolism, lack of stamina and helps to gain weight. There are some special asans for maintaining healthy weight.

Good Sleep
A Healthy diet and a good sleep is essential for a healthy body. Make sure that you get enought sleep, which gives your body enought rest and helps in proper function. During sleep, your Body repairs itself and builds better muscles.

Be consistent and follow these tips regularly to gain weight. If you eat a lot today once in a week, then you won’t gain weight.