July 29, 2021

Skills Required for Software testing career

Skills Required for Software testing career

Software testing and quality control are the processes by means of which application quality is improved. Software testing is done in each phase of product life cycle i.e from requirement specifications, design, coding, to the user acceptance.

Software testing is a process of rating properties of a computer system or program to decide whether it meets the specified requirements and produces the desired results. In process, you identify bugs in software product or project. So software Testing is indispensable to provide a quality product without any bug or issue.

Software testing market is becoming very competitive and getting the job is even more difficult. These days a lot of people who pass out of engineering and science colleges are interested about software testing as a career. So having a software testing certification is an added advantage for all testing and QA positions. Today, organizations don’t just want testers to have knowledge of testing but also require to have business domain knowledge, as well.

Many complex software structures require in depth analytical and technical skill to test the applications. Knowledge of programming languages is required for unit testing, scripting skill essential for Automation testing. Along with testing technical domain skill in languages it is important to have customer communication skills for software testing job.

A software testing professional needs to understand the technicalities of databases, languages, GUI frameworks and OSes. He must have analytical skills and ability to break open applications that seem to be perfect, to find loopholes in the applications.

Quality assurance is a very decisive stage as testers should guarantee that all functional needs are met even when there’s higher load. testers are expected to know everything about the product and application. Therefore, testers can even become a domain specialist, or a business analyst or even a product manager.

Testing at times could be a demanding job during the release of code. A software tester must efficiently manage workload, have high productivity, exhibit optimal time management and organization skills.

As an Automation Test Engineer, you will be responsible for automating menial test case execution which otherwise could be time consuming. Tools used IBM Rational Robot , Silk performer and QTP.

The Performance test engineer is responsible for checking application responsiveness the time it takes to load , maximum load application can handle etc. Tools used WEBLoad , Loadrunner.

A major advantages of software testers have over Developers is that they have end to end business knowledge. An obvious career progression for testers is to become a Business Analyst who is responsible to analyze and assess your company’s business model and work flows. Based on your observation you will suggest and drive process improvements.

The video game testing industry is set to become the largest industry.  Gaming had its ups and downs over the years but it continues to grow leaps and bounds. In spite of the decline, there was no shortage in the sales of the game titles, although the game console sales were hit and the game testing companies had to revamp their strategies.